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9/21/2018 c3 Cp125
the story makes sense and so do the reasoning, but i feel a bit awkward reading this take on the son's relationship.. i enjoyed it nonetheless
5/21/2013 c3 17hippiechic
I can't believe it took me so long to see you had updated this story! Eek! I've been such a bad reviewer! *ducks in shame* Forgive me?

Well, this last chapter certainly has not let me down. I went back and read the first two chapters, which I still find to be amazing! Then I started reading about an intelligent Goku! *gasp*

I think it was really considerate of Goku to try and smooth things over with Gohan about Goten being confused about which man was his father - since the word has multiple meanings. And Goten was more of a grandson to Goku than a son. Gohan was more of a nephew than a son...

So far, this line totally has me: "Although that's a part of it, I mostly do it only because it means that I have a challenge. I can test my strength against that of a worthy enemy and see if I measure up. It's just luck that I've been able to win as often as I have, nothing more. I'd take off right now if I could sense a challenge and I'd probably do it without even giving a real goodbye." Wow. That sounds EXACTLY like Goku!

"The Cell Games made it quite clear to me that I wasn't cut out to be a father when I sent Gohan out there seeing only the warrior and not the child." Ya think, Goku?! Then again, that was always his way. Definitely Goku.

Oh! Just so you know, you spelled Chi-Chi as Chi-Chin. ;-) I guess things like that would not happen if you beta did her job...*hiding*

"What I heard Gohan say hurt more than I thought it would. "Dad hasn't been here for the past seven years," he replied. 'He hasn't raised you. You will do what I tell you until Mom tells you otherwise. Do you understand?'" *blink* Wow! Gohan showed his spine without a psychopathic alien around trying to kill everyone!

I am totally kicking myself for not reading this sooner! This was fantabulous! I loved it so much the first time I read it, and I think I may have loved it even more when I reread it! Great job! I saw a few little nit-picking things which could use a tweak, but all-in-all, superb!

Until the next time, Peace and Out!
7/7/2011 c3 17dbzfan8
wow...this is a good story. It's kinda looking at it that way, i never even imagined them feeling this way. Poor Goku.
4/22/2011 c3 Tangential

This was so sweet. You got all of their thoughts so clearly that I could actually imagine the characters speaking the words.

My favourite was Goku's part - I always knew there something underneath all the naive happiness.

Good job!
11/9/2010 c3 16YukiraKing
You know, I always did find it strange that Goten just went and adopted Goku as if nothing ever happened. I like the way this story both makes sense, and is cute. I love their complicated relationship! Great job!
8/15/2010 c3 4lavenderlilacs2
It makes me sad, reading that Goku isn't really Goten's 'Dad', but it's comforting to know that Goku and Goten don't really mind.
6/4/2010 c3 Calla-Allac

Wow. That...was amazing! I loved it, their interactions and their thoughts. The difference of father and dad, and the understanding, well mostly, in all of them.

:D Very enjoyable read!
12/27/2009 c3 7kudarii
WHY did it take me so long to find this? I came by every day just looking for the title "Goku" before I realized where it was put down. xD; I love it. No lie. All three of these stories just make me warm inside because of how serious they can be and it's a change from all three of their lighthearted souls. Despite what Goku says, you know there's a softspot in there. c: I love how he knows the mistakes that he's made and in his own little way, he tries to be a father to his sons, but not as a true Dad. He watches over them and comes to their aide when they need it, but isn't going to interfere with something that's already there. Ugh... Just, wow. I can read this as many times as I want and it'll still make me smile. Thank you so much for fulfilling my request and satisfying my needs and sorry it took so long for my review. 3
12/8/2009 c3 10Major Session
Ahh man these three are so awesome, I love them, definatly a fave and a truly deserving winner of sweetes Irony (they all should have won as they're all great).
6/10/2009 c1 7needchocolatenow
Oh. My. God.

You have blown me away with this first chapter. I love how this is just one moment in time where Goten is growing up and Gohan is an adult. No matter how old they get, Gohan is still going to be Goten's number one male role model. I love how you explain it as Goten seeing Gohan as a replacement as a father since Goku wasn't around for the first seven years of his life.

*ahem* Let me go into more detail of what I really, really like about this piece. :D It's not just that it's an excerpt out of Goten's head that makes this fanfic so genius, but how well the thoughts define Goten as an actual person. Only a handful of authors on ffnet can actually write a decent DBZ fic and this first chapter, I have concluded you are one of them.

A part that I liked: "I love my father very much, but let’s face it: he wasn’t there for the first seven years of my life. All I knew about him was that I looked almost exactly like him, he was the man that made my mother cry, and he was the man that caused my brother to go very quiet whenever he was talked about more than just in passing." GENIUS! No one in the DBZ fandom really touches upon how Goten is a stranger to his father and vice versa; Goten would know the stories that everyone tells about Goku, but what about the reactions? How does Chi-Chi react when someone tells the story of Goku's heroics? What does Gohan do when he hears about his father? In such a simple statement, you've touched upon how Goten sees Goku as before he's ever met the man. He's the person that makes Chi-Chi cry and the one that makes Gohan remorseful.

Another part I liked: "My favorite story about my big brother has always been when he defeated Cell." Such a simple sentence has such a heavy weight on it. Children always have an idol to look up to and Goten is not an exception. He loves hearing stories about Gohan's 'Glory Days,' as I call them, and Goten really does look up to Gohan. His favorite story is about when Gohan defeated Cell, which speaks a lot. Because he idolizes Gohan, it's the one story out of all the others that Gohan saves the world and is unmatched in power. Ironically, it's also the story where Goku dies and remains dead for a long period of time. When I read the part in your fic, I had the idea of Goten was thinking of what Gohan stood for in his eyes as he replaced Goku in not only strength for defeating Cell, but also, the position in the Son household.

Also: "I think that Goku knew it too. Vegeta says that Goku is a third-class imbecile with rocks for brains (although he uses words slightly less kind than mine), but I think that Vegeta underestimates him. Whenever Goku smiles at me, his smile is always a little sad." GUH. Thank you! This part...genius. First off, it's the little recitation of Vegeta's line that really got to me. It's probably something he would say and it gave me the chuckles. Secondly, Goten doesn't call Goku in his thoughts Dad; Goten calls him Goku. It shows how Goten doesn't view Goku as a father figure! I thought this was wonderful; he gets along splendidly with Goku, he's Goku's blood relation, but the special father-son bond isn't there. You explain it at the end of the paragraph (though in my opinion, you didn't need to), and it really brings a bittersweet tone to your fic.

Overall, I am so happy I found this fic. This is GENIUS! Even if it is the first chapter. xD I took a break from finals studying to look around on ffnet for some DBZ fics since I've been craving some and yours popped up on my search. Oh, thank you so much for writing this! You're very good with the getting into a character's head and keeping them IC without getting carried away. Well, keep up the good work and don't let my long review scare you. Ohohoho~ I'll be back to read the rest of this...hopefully soon. ^^;
4/24/2009 c3 14illegiblewriter
Wow, that's pretty intense, the second chapter is probably my favorite, but I love the story as a whole. Great job!

4/22/2009 c3 6Remembering childhood
Wow! I didn't think you'd go back to this story of yours... The best way to describe this fic would be oxymorons; sad joy, restless contempt... enlightened denial... It's kinda sad, but at the same time funny to think that Goku is just that, a person that would feel good about himself having just found out he's not a father to his children.

I really like your work. Have I told you this before? hehehe.

I could take more chapters of this fic. Keep it up. AND POST THE FIRST CHAPTER OF DE PROFUNDIS ! *wink*
4/22/2009 c3 Dr. Trunks Briefs
Aw, man, you're gonna make me cry. Goku's such an understanding asshole TT.TT;; It's so in his character to just let sleeping dogs lie. And I agree, he does fit the role of "Grandpa" better than "Daddy."

Job well done on keeping everyone in character. You have a knack for that, you know? :D
4/21/2009 c3 4Saiyavenger
Words can't describe. THIS is what a Goten/Gohan friendshippy story should be.
3/18/2009 c2 14illegiblewriter
Wow, I like how Gohan and Goten think -almost- the same thing, but not quite. That makes it more authentic, I think. Are you also doing one of Goku? Because that would be incredibly insightful. I feel bad for all of them, it's just one of those instances where no one did anything wrong but everyone still has to suffer for it. So tragic... Anyway, I'm glad they're all at least happy and understanding of each other.

So, another sweet story from you, keep it up!

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