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12/6/2011 c2 2Lady Proemess
Please, please, please update soon! This is a really good foundation for whatever you have planned...I think. Can you introduce Foaly too? And Opal!

I have a thing for genii and child prodigies...

9/27/2011 c1 Burnt Toast Master
Interesting concept. I, for one, love both of theis books. This is just what I'm looking for in a crossover. Please continue this fic, it seems to really have potential. One thing I must request it to lengthen your chapters. Also, if you require one, I could act as a BETA for you. Just a thought. Good work, keep on writing...

9/3/2011 c2 cutiewalrus
I'm so happy that someone made an Artemis Fowl Evil Genius crossover. I've read all the books in each series and i've always thought they'd be a great couple. Please finish this!
4/26/2011 c2 hi
please finish this fanfic
4/25/2011 c2 Annabelle
This is good. I've only read the first book, so this fits in with my knowledge of the series. =D BoyxBoy! O/O
3/31/2011 c1 1JaMisa27
2/22/2011 c2 1Astrid-Elizabeth-Dare
Cadel is cute and I absolutly adore him!

But I don't think you captured his character that acuritly. And I don't like the idea of him living with Prosper. I HATE Prosper! :(

I would have been happier if you had placed this story after Genius Wars when Prosper is (probably) dead. Cadel could have gone back to collage and have meet Artemis there.

Maybe I'll make my own crossover...

Anyway I like this! Finally Artemis has someone to talk with who has an equal intelict! So WOOHU you! Great job! :D
2/22/2011 c1 Astrid-Elizabeth-Dare
I love the Genius Trilogy and the Artemis Fowl series! My top two fav books! I'm so glad to find a crossover!

My only complaint is a bit of OOCness. Like I don't know if Prosper would say something like "bloody hell" They're Australian not English. Are you English? That would explain the slip.
2/19/2011 c2 65MinervaEvenstar
I love both of these series, and have often wondered what might happen if Cadel and Artemis met, so I'm excited that you're writing this. :)

I wonder if I can offer any suggestions...Hmm, just be careful not to make Artemis or Prosper too nice (especially not Prosper since he actually doesn't value anyone's life other than his own and Cadel's). Not that you need to hear that since you've done well so far. ^_^

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!
12/16/2010 c2 53Dragon Rhapsody
So good! Update please :3
11/24/2010 c2 Not Waiting for Boredom
I like it so far. I've read both series and enjoyed both. I thought that the therapist part was quite funny, even though it seemed a little over the top to me, even for Artemis Fowl.

But that's just me being incessantly picky. Keep up the good work; I want to know what happens next!
8/31/2010 c1 22Kiminaru
As a big fan of both books, your story has really caught my attention. The prologue, I have to admit, confused me a bit. It seemed a bit too rushed and could have used a little more detail. The actual first chapter was a little better, although still a bit too short for my liking. Over all, it's definitely not bad and there is potential. I would really love to see where you go with this.

Please update soon.
8/30/2010 c2 245VickyVicarious
Hmm, I didn't review? I could've sworn I did. Well, my internet was being spotty that day so maybe it tricked me. In any case, I'll give it another go:

While there's not TOO much I can say about it, considering that we've only really had some introduction and it's focused more on Cadel (who I do not know; I'm very much and AF fan though), I went ahead and put this fic on my alerts for three reasons.

1) You seem to have a plot with an interesting premise and know pretty much what you're doing.

2) I really enjoyed the hilarious characterization of Artemis/everyone in St. Bartelby's, especially Mr. Veneto.

3) I love both Artemis clashing with other genii, and the awkwardness inherent in writing his emotions and romance (if well done).

So you haven't missed very much from my original review, which pretty much said so in present tense. But I will certainly continue reviewing, most likely with much more enthusiasm and a correlating decline in vocabulary, once the story gets underway. I don't know where you're taking it yet though, so I'm on the fence as to whether I should really like it or not.

So, essentially: write, and I shall review. ;-) And since you seem to have a similar policy ("f everyone ... could leave me some feedback ... that would definitely inspire me") I'm hoping to be able to do some reviewing in the relatively nearby future.


Ah, and PS - Please avoid cliches. Artemis isn't the sort to become fascinated in his peers, no matter how they do on math problems. The closest I can see him coming is a little research on the side to assess the competition, but nothing up-front. I don't know Cadel obviously, but I'm assuming he'll have to be the one to get the two really acquainted if the characterization is going to be right. Or some sort of teacher-intervention I suppose.
6/27/2010 c2 AA-yo
I love this so much. Evil Genius and Artemis Fowl are two of my favorite books, and I've wanted to write a story like this for a long time. I wonder what would happen if Prosper met Artemis? Do you think they would like each other, or not?
6/22/2010 c2 MockingBirdBell
I thought... *oh* Slash? *cute puppy dog eye* Please? I LOVED it. It such a good crossover choice too. Keep writing, just keep writing, writing, writing writing writing. *sigh* sorry ima little hpyed by your story. I'm intrigued, just like Artemis XD
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