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6/12/2010 c1 9Turtlefoot
I'm glad someone was actually smart enough to make the connection of Cadel and Artemis. It's so obvious. But it would be a lot better if you didn't have the boatload authors notes at the beginning, It personally distracts me.

But good job.
6/4/2010 c2 HappyHappyJoyJoy
It's very lovely, I hope it dosn't become one of those Fanfics that makes you cry, because it looks like a very loveley story right now. DON'T LET MY OPINION FALTER YOU! This is GOOD do NOT get me wrong.

Keep writing, it is a very nice story.
5/3/2010 c2 2inpeace
AGG! a hole year! you're probably not going to update are you? # it! i like this! it's fun.

seems to me though, that arty would be as bored with a book on forgery as the class he was using it to ignore.
5/2/2010 c1 inpeace
I'm thinking this makes quite a bit of sense for me not having read the book in the first place XP

felt a little speeded through though?

sorry I can't give you much.
4/23/2010 c2 AD
4/22/2010 c1 12Butchee
Nice story.Please continue it. PLEASE!
3/25/2010 c2 BadAssBread
I love this like woah.
3/18/2010 c2 3The Pianist's Touch
that was a good idea! geniuses collide. Put artemis and cadel in a a chess match or something and see who wins!
2/27/2010 c2 StrawberryGirl
I love this story! I always had this pairing in my head, but was to grammerly challenged to even attempt to write a story like this;) I think your the first person to ever write this pairing and for that I aplode you and your genius to keep up with our favourite genius'

Don't give up please... i'll be watching... hehehe um in a non stalker kind of way of course! Bye! and good luck!
1/29/2010 c2 43WeAreTomorrow
Yes, yes, yes!

A match made in heaven! I hope to see an update asap *cheeky grin* beacause it's simply to cruel to stop the story here.

Will you continue writing Sonja letters? It would be a great way to show his and Artemis's relationship devolpe while his and Sonja's changes into to more of a friendship. Right now it has the possiblity of a romance but of course that wouldn't do, would it.

Thank you for story and thank you for making it slash...
1/23/2010 c2 jonove1203
I read Evil Genius and Genius squad a few years ago and thought it was fantastic. I thought it was funny that Cadel always ended dressed like a girl. You should make a comment about that in your story. I can't wait for Genius Wars to come out! I bought it because the reviews commented on Artemis Fowl and an author I like, Anthony Horowits. I just got the book out of my bookcase and am here looking at it now. The reviews were . . .

*"Jinks fills out the cast with brilliantly conceived friends and adversaries . . . Cadel rides up there withArtemis Fowl as a sympethetic ant-villain."-Kirkus Reviews(starred)

*"Whilash-inducing suspense writing will gratify fans od Anthony Horowit's high-tec spy scenarios."-Booklist(starred)

The last review was talking about his series Alex Rider but, I also like his series The Gatekeepers. Cadel and Artemis would make a pretty good couple. Keep on writing:)
1/22/2010 c2 11LightDarkandChaos
Pretty good so far! Please keep it up!
1/21/2010 c2 Mitsuki
I love this fic! I love the Artemis Fowl series, and of course I've read and liked Evil Genius (albeit not as much as Artemis). I liked that you stuck to Artemis' younger personality (I've read up to the latest book 'The Time Paradox' so his character is more mature now. Hope that wasn't too much of a spoiler for you if you haven't read up to it yet), the cold calculating edge to him when he was younger always made me smile for some reason. So congratulations on that :) But wasn't Artemis in this really advanced class? Its been a while since I've read the series so don't trust my word on this but I just thought I should point it out. Your story is still absolutely great though! Keep up the good work and i hope you can update some time soon.
1/17/2010 c1 Alpaca Farm
*gasp* someone made dared to make this crossover :D *claps happily* yay! I was going to and still am, but its gonna be crossed over with three books but I love the Artemis Fowl series and Evil Genius/Geunius Squad (cant wait for Genius Wars)and I've always thought that Cadel and Artemis were probably the only two boys who competely would be able to understand each other, een though they are in different fandoms. :D
12/29/2009 c2 5AMango
I noticed that it's been almost a year since you updated this, but FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, please, PLEASE update.
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