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7/19/2012 c14 dogy9978
Nice story...I liked it...that's all...
6/12/2010 c9 3SaphirWereTigrss
The storyline is brilliant though chapter 9 could have been split and added to the end of 8 and start of next but it's brill!

finally, you make no spelling/grammar errors compared to what I usually do!
9/21/2009 c6 6Russet Sprouts
o.0 where did tails get the uranium...

7/1/2009 c6 2Chessure
4/23/2009 c1 1Zephyr the Fox Wolf
I loved this first chapter! I hope to read more and enjoy it! Keep on writing!
4/22/2009 c14 12Tailsisreal
And finally the nice, happy ending! Tails may be in the hospital, but he's got Arty, Sonic, and mint candy to keep him company. XD Really great wind down chapter and a nice finish to a good story. Wish I had the time or the words to leave a longer review in commemoration of this story's end, but the tale speaks for itself anyways. Nicely done!
4/22/2009 c14 teenpreacher
FREAKING AWESOME!dude this story is totaly a good ending you got a good head on ya mate lol keep it up i look foward to your next stories
4/20/2009 c13 james
dude awesome chapter i cant ... wow... i didnt expect that, i love it! cant wait for your next one :-)
4/18/2009 c13 2shadow zombie
sweet chapter looking forward to the next and last one
4/18/2009 c13 12Tailsisreal
Very nice! That's the kind of climatic chapter I was hoping for in this story. Very well done and very explanitory, too. I always wondered why on Mobius you came up with the names of 'Daetron's Canyon' and 'Crateremo Gorge', but this explained that rather handily! XD And I suppose the big secret you were always hinting at all along must have been that Tails' mood swings were actually all his own and not Daetron's doing? I had pretty much thought this all along myself anyways, but I also had suspected that Daetron was somehow helping the tempermental fox along a bit, too. At any rate, this was a wonderful chapter and a great story throughout. Now we just get to see Tails make it up to Arty once he's recovered and out of the hospital again! ;D
4/18/2009 c13 1ITman496
lol, its the best so far! but tails kinda forgot his plane XD
4/13/2009 c12 12Tailsisreal
The last calm before the storm, possibly? This chapter really didn't have anything in it beyond advancing the plot it would seem. Lots of drama, yes, but something about it all seemed to be rushed or thrown together slightly, especially the supposedly intense roller-coastering of emotions on Tails' part. Although I don't doubt that Tails would feel this way or even react this strongly, it seemed like I was listening to a narrator telling me how Tails was feeling rather than understanding how the poor fox actually felt. Characters just seemed to spawn really deep emotions and reactions spontaneously in the chapter at times, and I just thought personally it was a bit hard to follow since even the most abrupt outburst has a short build up in real life situations.

Still, a chapter over mostly (if not all) drama is incredibly tricky to pull off even for published authors, so I'd consider this a pretty good attempt in any case. It works and the emotions are clearly there and developed somewhat, so there's nothing really wrong with it beyond what more experience might help with.

Now things will finally start to climax, though, so I can't wait for the next chapter when it all really heats up again. ;D
4/12/2009 c12 7RevenantTP
this is awesome i await your next chapter!
4/12/2009 c12 1august99us
I actually thought that Shadow explaining everything to Sonic and Amy would be more of a spectacle, and the main part of this chapter, but it seems that Tails making the plan took that up.

So it's actually not Shadow that's gonna be taking the monster out of Tails. I actually thought that it would have something to do with a chaos emerald and Shadow, but it looks like only the first part of that assumption was right.

Well, this filler was an interesting chapter, especially when reading about the beginnings of his plan. You'd think it was a bit shoddy and simple, which is a bit unlike Tails, though. Even so, there wasn't much else to plan out, I guess. :)

4/10/2009 c11 august99us
Sorry. I guess you could say I just didn't have the time *cough cough* to review. I wasn't being lazy *cough cough*.

Anyway, I'm not gonna waste my time looking for a clue. I don't know if anyone else is, but I just can't be bothered.

Hmm... So Shadow's now after Tails, trying to get that monster out of his body. He's getting pretty close, though I doubt he will succeed. Then there would be no point in the story being set out this way, of course. Though it does seem like he'll be on the home stretch after he convinces Sonic. I wonder what the monster thingy is gonna do about it.

Overall, another [two] chapter[s] well written. I can't wait till the next chapter. :)


P.S. Could the hidden clue have something to do with Chris and Earth? Just curious.

P.P.S. Little Arty breaking down... That's sadistic.

P.P.P.S. It seemed like you were having a sugar-high in the beginning though...
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