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for Banishing Mora

3/19/2009 c1 307Omnicat
...Marie gets taken away by a guy with "his brown hair in a braid"? Okay, that just officially elevated Duo Maxwell to Discworld!Death-like status in my mind. For the ENTIRE gundam franchise. XD

*ahem* Well. That little bit of (unintentional?) hilarity aside, this was a gripping fic. Alternately heartwarming and heartwrenching - and all the more effective for it in both ways.
3/8/2009 c1 3Chrosis
I like to think that he's still dreaming in the end. It adds a more tragic feel to the story.
2/7/2009 c1 18Mangaka-chan
Very interesting story. Quite a roller coaster of scenarios you have for us, ranging from almost cracky funny (somehow I've always imagined Alle and Soma's wedding to be a crack-fest) to serious angst. But thankfully it ended on a nice note. Pew! *wipes sweat from brows*
2/6/2009 c1 17Admiral Muffin
Good stuff. I'm also a big fan of the Allelujah & Marie pairing and the appearance of Sergei here is a good touch.

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