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3/25/2011 c2 1jimmycranberry
This is... fun. Although the occasional typo suggests you might want to read through what you write, the story itself is written well and very relevant to my interests ;P

It shares many common threads, at least in the early part, to my story Mistake. We clearly think alike on how FFX should have gone...
1/21/2011 c2 8Cruentus Caelum
asdlghsadgsh I love this so much. I thought your interpretation of the Farplane was pretty neat, how they could watch over the living and all-and then Tidus watching Rikku all that time. That was sweet. x3
3/13/2010 c2 5Terikel
Really great and well written story. Tidus and Rikku are just so cute together...
12/5/2009 c2 turkeyplatter
*smile* I really enjoyed this story. Well written and true to the characters (although I think you were a bit hard on Yuna... then again, she IS a goody-2shoes-attention-seeker).
11/27/2009 c2 4nom-omnis-moriar
There has never been enough Rikku/Tidus stories, but this by far one of the best I have been able to find. It was definitely worth searching for. I know that you finished this a long time ago, but that doesn't mean you don't need to be praised for this beautiful piece of work.
9/4/2009 c2 Wish B
That scene with Tidus walking into the room with Rikku and Gippal was so cute. Great job.
9/2/2009 c2 17JFalcon
A very well written story, and the first in a long time to make it onto my favorites list :)
7/26/2009 c2 silentshadow55
awesome loved it!

great work, i can see all of it actually happening.

anyway all the best

5/21/2009 c2 DarkXRock
Wonderful, great story! I'm a Tekku fan myself and love all story's for this couple as long as they aren't bashing the couple! Again, nicely done!
4/18/2009 c2 2Vasuki
This was awesome. :) I love how you made it fit into the games canon without really changing anything big. The extra-fluffy ending was especially nice. Nice work!
4/5/2009 c2 1VVolf
You really should write more Tikku stories.

It's that damn good.
3/22/2009 c2 badkidoh
it's a great storyline.
3/13/2009 c2 Spoiled Martian
Great job well done! I liked how you offered an alternative perspective that is realistic.
2/11/2009 c2 zutarafn1
OMG! this was so good! i was on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering what was going to happen! my heart was thumping out of my chest! you did the kiss at the end perfectly! how did you come up with this? it was so golden! continue to write stories please! i want to read all of yours! and this story is going in my favorites as a valentine's day gift to myself.


so awesome!
2/8/2009 c2 1starry34
YAY SAP! But zomg good sap. You did SUCH a good job.
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