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3/7/2009 c5 4mirajo
Tony has the worst of luck at times, but he is definitely faring better in your capable hands than he does in the hands of the show writers this season, though his choices may not be exactly wise, in your story he shows courage, loyalty and strength of character.

I also love a forceful Ducky, though I suspect the he got away with it because even Gibbs can't stare someone to death over the phone! Really outstanding, Pam - M.
3/7/2009 c5 117superwoman1015
I love how you can keep the story very interesting and angsty. I like how Gibbs and Tony are both trying to work through their own problems and each other at the same time. I just love this story.
3/7/2009 c5 3Poppy784
Ditto to all the good things that have been said. x
3/7/2009 c5 6DiNozzoFan1234
can't wait for next chapter
3/7/2009 c5 15vanishingp2000
Oh that's an awful place to leave it! I'm loving this story, Ducky telling Gibbs off was priceless. Looking forward eagerly to the next update. Many thanks, VP.
3/7/2009 c5 angeleyes46
keep up the great work. this story is awesome
3/7/2009 c5 14Lyn1410G
Go Ducky! 'Bout time someone gave Gibbs a good dressing down. Now, maybe they can start communicating and work through this problem. Love your descriptive writing, you paint a great word picture.

3/7/2009 c5 1NickTonyK
Wow! Excellent! I wonder why Tony didn't go to his team as well? They probably could have kept his friend alive. Tony has some splaining to do!
3/7/2009 c5 9SubmissiveJayden
Omg. I'm totally in love with this story! I think that Gibbs had just realized that he wouldn't get anywhere the way he was treating Tony, but than Tony decides to go off on his own and continue to fight back. I love this chapter.

"Bedroom. Now!"

The curt imperative had him cringing as he hunched his shoulders self-protectively.

Crap, Gibbs couldn't be serious, could he? Freaking time out? He wasn't five years old!

Funny. Can't wait to hear move!
3/7/2009 c5 9HPSmallCharm29
ah so good! can't wait for them to have the conversation! please update as soon as possiblee!
3/7/2009 c5 affleckfan08
tony seems to just get in more and more trouble!..leaving the cabin without saying anything...not answering his phone...but it seems like gibbs is finally fed up!...and the part with ducky lecturing gibbs was hilarious!...can't wait for the next chapter!
3/7/2009 c5 150Taisi
"Gibbs could see as clear as a Swiss mountain stream - his agent was closing down before his very eyes, unwilling to go where the older man demanded..."

That struck me as awesome...It just really hit home, I guess. I'm glad Ducky's telling Gibbs what Gibbs needs to hear (even if he doesn't want to hear it), and glad also that Gibbs is finally having it out with Tony.

Can't wait till the next chapter!
3/7/2009 c5 3crokettsgirl
This was an excellent chapter and I really enjoyed it. From Abby and Tim with Ducky and Ziva acting out. Then to Ducky yelling at Gibbs and putting him in his place with Tony. Gibbs knows Tony's moods, knows how to get him to talk if need be. But there is something even more to this. Like Tim said that he thought Tony was protecting all of his team. So I think this is something big that Tony wasn't thinking about himself getting trouble, but thinking that his team would get hurt. And it's bad enough about Jimmy but something happened there too. Because after all the nightmares which is in its self a big give away. Tony thought that at least Jimmy's name was cleared and his family would be alright, even though Jimmy is dead. I think too some of it has to do with growing up the way he did. Gibbs needs to look at this more. He knows some things and the only way he's going to get the reasons is if he breaks Tony. But not the way he was doing it. Tony knowing now that Gibbs was at the hospital threw him...I hope Gibbs gets Tony to open up. I think Tony is so afraid that if he does his emotions and that mask will fall along with sobs that he doesn't want to do in front of Gibbs. Fantastic chapter and can't wait for the next update! This story is so good. Sue
3/7/2009 c5 1teetotally
Ah, so dark, so good, so long. Well worth the wait.

Surprised both are still in one piece (more or less) and finally talking.. some.

Can't wait for the "real" conversation, poor Tony must have realised that he's not going to get Gibbs to drop it. Really love Ducky "threatening" Gibbs, I wouldn't put it past him to actually follow up on it :)

More, please, quick, pretty please :)
3/7/2009 c5 1luckyducky09
Great chapter. Glad Tony didn't hurt himself too bad. Can't wait for that talk. Bet it'll be interesting.
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