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for AE: VK Redux

7/17/2015 c46 Eborrose
I have been catching up with the chapters. Again I am always left in a good mood as the Dark Lord battles with his enemies. I enjoy all the little in jokes from games to quotes from the films.
3/12/2015 c45 Amylion
Still really enjoying this story very much and always looking forwards to updates :) You have an amazing cast of characters here, and I love the oneliners!
11/5/2014 c41 Eborrose
I have had a constant smile on my face whilst reading this (and Vaders Kids-although the ending there brought you down to earth a bit) and even on occasion laughed out loud. Spotting quotes from the films and not just Star Wars is good fun too. I particularly liked the lines from West Side Story.
Very enjoyable.
5/1/2014 c39 Amylion
Why do you have so few reviews? This series is amazing! I started reading Vader's Kids and the prequel and continued with this one and I for one am absolutely hooked. Perfectly dosed humour, great alternative history of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker and the kids, grand oneliners and I think you manage to pull the reader in perfectly. You should be a screenwriter by profession!

I loved the ending of Vader's Kids - I thought it was masterfully and powerfully written - but I still wonder why you chose that ending. Could you share your thoughts about that?

I hope you continue forever with this!

Thanks for writing.
2/21/2012 c29 Darth Riven
Keep it coming!
8/22/2011 c1 Darth Riven
This is one of the most humorous SW fics I've read. Keep up the good work.

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