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12/21/2020 c20 Netchka
Great story. Is the next story a crossover with Smallville? That would be cool.
9/16/2020 c20 599Ghostwriter
I loved it. Very exciting. Well done.
1/9/2017 c10 Loresign
Love this story.

Think a minor change for when Phoebe is explainin the magic term "scry" to Buffy. Have Phoebe say "It's kind of like a magical Mapquest or GoogleMaps. When it works, it helps to locate magical items and people."

It might be a bit bettrr. Your choice. Just an idea.
1/28/2016 c20 Popine
Loved it. Thanks for writing this story.
1/28/2016 c15 Popine
I loathe Willow.
Glad for the Giles/Buffy reunion though
1/28/2016 c5 Popine
Aww at least she's still got Faith
1/28/2016 c1 Popine
If only the Charmed Ones were there when this happened. Loved it.
11/7/2014 c20 Rain Addict CM
LOL! Was that a Smallville reference? If so, very nice. Cool story.
7/20/2014 c20 MewLover
Nice ending for an epic story
7/20/2014 c19 MewLover
It was awesome, although I was hoping for some slaying, decapitation and blood.
Oh well, this was an enjoyable story and Thanks
7/20/2014 c18 MewLover
Thanks man! I was hoping the guy got his happy ending.
Good work with the bonding and the mature characterizations you gave them.
7/20/2014 c17 MewLover
It's about damn time
7/20/2014 c16 MewLover
Nice chapter, it's good to hear that the crap will be dealt with
7/20/2014 c15 MewLover
Heartwrenching chapter my friend
7/20/2014 c14 MewLover
It's getting pretty awesome
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