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7/27/2009 c16 21jokergirl4ever
love it . nuff said can't wait for an update
7/27/2009 c12 jokergirl4ever
very good never read a story like this before
3/27/2009 c9 JET
3/27/2009 c8 JETx
3/27/2009 c7 JET
its cool, robin can be duchey once in a while
3/27/2009 c6 JET
ha nice
3/27/2009 c5 JET
3/27/2009 c4 JET
ha love the quote
3/27/2009 c3 JET
3/27/2009 c2 JET
3/27/2009 c1 JET
3/15/2009 c15 11GhostlyGirly
really like this idea. you have a good writing style too. i like how you can summarize an entire story in a few sentences while still leaving a little to the imagination of the reader. good job!

do you mind if i use the abc wouldnt be on robin though. like an overview of the entire teen titans team...
3/1/2009 c13 16Unleash The Shadow
Robin is right. Bruce was totally wathcing him xDD

I am now off to write a drabble for that xD Thank you!
2/17/2009 c8 6Allspark
Freaking hilarious. But seriously, they really do need secret identities.
2/17/2009 c4 2FizzyLemonade
aaw! and very by 10,0,0,00,00 funny
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