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for Valentine's Day

5/9/2020 c2 Guest
Ohh so sweet and lovely!
9/23/2018 c1 LunarisHyuuga
I wish theres more...
4/7/2015 c2 Erza Inu Hyuga
ahhhh! Litle hinata going up! I so ship this! One of the best fabficts ive ever read! :-P
12/14/2014 c2 Guest
it's so sweet, i so love NejiHina, please make it a three shot hahaha
12/13/2011 c2 21MaeMusicMelody
That was adorable! Just absolutely adorable! I just wanna grab them and hug them and tell them how adorable they are! *dies of adorableness*
9/4/2011 c2 Simple Daisy
Awesome story!
1/27/2011 c2 7crimsonkira
ohh yehh! this nejihina was EPIC!
8/10/2010 c2 31caithzadz
This is so cute!
3/26/2010 c2 hinata-fan2
kawaii XD
1/18/2010 c2 2J. Panda
1/18/2010 c1 J. Panda
OMG! KAWAII! Haha I origanlly pined for Hinata and Naruto or Hinata and Kiba but this pairing is definatley my next favourite! *squeals because it's so cute* Heehee, I guess I'm not the only one who thinks that them being cousins isn't that bad a thing..XD
6/8/2009 c2 27Tainara Black
oh please, you must continue that!

i'm brazilian and i'm using the diccionary for some words but your fanfic sound so right and cute and lovely... ok, please please i will R&R if you up more chapters, i swear for God!

amazing *-*

kiss, tai. ^^
4/8/2009 c2 2anime pryncess
so kawaii! i never thought nejihina wud be soo cute! it gave me goosebumps. write more!
3/29/2009 c2 spicyfox
Since most, especially the hyuugas won't be happy . it makes it extra sweet for them to get together despite that.

Good story, like literary candy :) ty for making it a 2-shot!
3/21/2009 c2 14agreywriter15
It was cute.

I was sort of laughing in the middle, but then I began whining towards the end. I literally thought that you were going to end it there. Thank goodness you didn't!

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