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3/12/2009 c4 8quantuminferno
I think you chose a good path.

Even though realizing their love and taking it a step further definitely would've been fun to read, I'll just have to wait to see what other goodness you're going to come out with.
3/12/2009 c4 18pride1289
ell oh ell. Look at Daniel and his silly-ness. And that punch was so well earned to.

Can't wait to see how this all turns out. Maybe Dan will totally try and rape Rorschach! XD

Hopefully not, but ya know, that's just me, always hoping. :3
3/12/2009 c4 1Dalin
This is a lot better, I'm glad you didn't do the other two. Plausible actions are better than fake ones, and i wouldn't have believed it if you had chose to do the other options. I really like this chapter, gives me something to feel uncomfortable about for the rest of the day (JUST KIDDING!). Really good can't wait until you update next!
3/12/2009 c4 3Lilsi
Another great chapter :D really nice work i think both their responses were perfect especially Rorschach's. Can't wait for the next chapter, get well!
3/12/2009 c4 2MK08
This was great! I'm glad you decided on taking a middle stance on Rorschach's response. No matter how fantastic it would be for him to suddenly realize him and Daniel were meant to be... That would be a bit sudden for our anti-liberal Rorschach. Haha. You've definitely got me stoked for more, though!
3/11/2009 c4 1MadameSlash
Yeah you better update soon your writing style is awesome! I just watched Watchmen a few hours ago with my boyfriend. During the whole movie I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to go home and search for fan fics. But, the moment Nite Owl broke down and screamed after Rorschach was killed was the same moment the pervert in me screamed cute slashable male on male action with possible emotional history! Thank you so far for supporting my addiction.
3/11/2009 c3 MadameSlash
Wow that made my heart pound with anticipation!
3/11/2009 c4 1Acids-Breezes
Aw, I saw Watchmen for the third time tonight. Update!
3/11/2009 c4 Basia Orci
I'm glad you kept Rorschach and Daniel in character despite the tricky situation.
3/11/2009 c4 20ArmoredSoul
"Quickly Daniel redressed the wound and pulled the blankets up again, noticing that Rorschach was shivering again but knowing that there was no way in hell that he could try the body heat trick again."

Got that right, Danny boy.

You fuked up pretty damn good this time.

I should slap you silly and pound some sense into that numskull of yours.

You're, like, one of the ONLY people Rorschach has been able to rely on continuously, and then you go and pull THIS shite?

And don't you DARE say it was a "heat of the moment", or "I wasn't thinking straight", or "the cold was fuking with my head" scenario.

It won't fly, Owl boy.

This mess is YOURS to clean up, but I seriously doubt Rorschach will give you the chance, now that you've broken his trust.

3/11/2009 c4 8AlexPrime
Ouch! Poor Rorschach! He must be positively traumatized! I imagine him being a homophobe (and a heterophobe as well. In fact, probably phobic of anything romantic in the slightest). I can't see him thinking very well of Daniel right now! But oh, I do love his insecurity! Rorschach and Daniel are so cute together. The only person Ror. could ever be paired with, I think.

And Daniel. You silly goose. ^_^ What was he thinking (he wasn't)? You don't just kiss Rorschach and expect to get away with it scott-free! If Rorschach weren't injured, Dan would have had the hell beat outta him! Still, I would so love Rorschach to get really cold and go cuddle back up with Dan for warmth. Unfortunately, I think he would rather pour salt in his own eyes than do that.

I hope you feel better soon! It is no fun being sick! Drink lots of liquids and get a lot of rest! Get well soon!


3/11/2009 c4 8Wolfish-Insanity
This was incredibly realistic. I'm actually really glad you didn't have Rorschach kill Danny boy or have them start sexxing each other up. That would just not be the insane vigilante we know and love.

I really can't wait to see where you go from here. It's going to be very interesting to see how you handle it-if I was at this point, I would have written myself into a hole. I'm not near as good with transitioning through scenes. xD

Glad to hear you're feeling somewhat better. =) Update as soon as your sickliness will allow.
3/11/2009 c3 6Slip of the hand
I love this so far. I'll admit that I can't really comment on if you are keeping them in character, as I was just looking through this comic because I just saw the movie, but so far this is pure love. You write very well.

If you care to respond, have you read any of the comics? If so, do you know for a place to see some online? Possibly? :D

Anywho, keep up your great work on this, I look forward to the next chapter.
3/11/2009 c3 20MarinaM
Please, oh PLEASE CONTINUE! Your description of Rorschach is superb! I'm in love with character, so please... continue your fiction!
3/11/2009 c3 17Solosan
you suck!

You can't end it like that!

:D lolz my jaw dropped, WHAT a cliffe to leave us on~ Lolz! Update soon!

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