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9/28/2011 c1 212ofHearts
I like how you don't demand comments, so I will leave a worthwhile one.

The pacing is great, and it really has the rorschach feel. I can hear his voice reading it, very nice.

I was confused as to why the hooker was upset, couldn't she have just taken the money off the bodies? It's not like that's the kind of thing hookers don't think of.

The dialogue was kind of stilted, but in that kind of situation, I suppose realism demands that it not be too polished.

Thank you for your post, I look forward to reading the rest.
9/11/2011 c8 Dr. Paranoia
Moar. I'm loving this fic, you manage to make it believable which I thought was near impossible in a romanitic gay Rorschach story :)
8/27/2011 c8 22Englishrose2011
I am really enjoying your take on the watchmen, and my favourite character Rorschach, it's an interesting take on him and his relationship with Nite Owl/Dan.

Look forward to reading more you left it on a cliff hanger, so all I can say like Oliver Twist is "more please", "soon."
8/21/2011 c8 21Arinia
I'm hooked! Please update soon, I love the way you write these characters, especially Rorschach!
8/4/2011 c1 38Moonphase
"He almost pitied the poor fools," Lol, Rorschach PITIES DA FOOL... sorry...
7/12/2011 c8 tundervolt
Wow , this fic is breathtaking , will they ever be chapter 9 ?
6/3/2011 c8 48Pilotofmymind
I'm amused that you didn't recognize your own writing, heh.

That said, oh man, I wish you'd update! I love this whole thing! The plot, the characterization, your writing style! It's so awesome!

Please update soon?
5/25/2011 c8 toytoy77
Update please. Love the characterization and the pacing. Don't leave me hangin.
5/13/2011 c2 MacaroniWithExtraCheese
I am reviewing for many reasons.

Because I like the story.

Because I like your writing style.

Because I like watchmen.

But the real reason, the ultimate reason for my reviewing of this story is simple and yet eloquent.

You are at the 200 mark!

Yeah! Congratulations, woohoo! Yo, yo, yo, yo! Chicka bam bam, chicka bam bam!




... and I like the story.
5/8/2011 c8 artistsdontsleep

It's been unbearably long since I've read a good fanfic of these two together. Your writing is AMAZING and I haven't found any grammar errors yet (or maybe I just didn't notice 'em, though I doubt there are any in the first place xD ). The way you portray the two is true to their character, I especially loved the parts when Dan was snooping on Rorschach, and the way Rorschach continues to kick ass despite his condition and the recent interactions with Daniel.

What I love the most, though, is the tempo at which these two get closer (at the cost of a broken nose or two). Because this develops slowly, it's a lot easier to picture the characters' actions and emotions.

Keep writing! (:
5/6/2011 c8 488The Readers Muse
I am enjoying this, so get your rear in gear and update missy! This is too good of a story to abandon!
5/4/2011 c8 5JuxtaposedAlbatross
Damn. Well, I've only seen the movie (intend to read the comic book, someday), but it seems to me that you've got their characterization pretty spot on. It's impressive, especially for such a difficult character (Rorschach) when justifying a shift in their established behavior to accomodate fangirl whims (which I understand completely ;D). It's extremely rare to find someone who is so dedicated to evolving the characters realistically, as I feel you have done. I cannot wait for more progression! Favoriting and story alert. ^^
4/21/2011 c4 38Moonphase
Ithink this scenario works well :)
4/21/2011 c3 Moonphase
Ohhoho, Rorschach was so cute in this :3
4/18/2011 c8 5SkyprevMES
wow, I use to check updates on this chapter weekly. Now I've completely forgotten what its about...but that gives me the perfect excuse to reread it :)

I can totally sympathize with your mistake, having nearly died of shame at similar mistakes, keeps one humble I guess.
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