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4/16/2011 c8 6Viviane Renard
I truly enjoyed your intro "funny story"...and the rest of the chapter was great too!
4/15/2011 c8 3Pinophyta
The chapter was great, don't worry.

And seriously? You didn't recognize your own writing? I can't believe that's even possible! =D

Hope you continue the story.
4/14/2011 c8 kazuman21
You better update! I can't believe you made me wait this long! I'd forgotten then entire story and had to reread it just to remember the plot, but it was a good read then, a good read now, and will b a good read in the future. Update soon please.
4/13/2011 c8 DoritoCloud
Yeah...after that chapter, you're gonna have to not update like two years later. PLEASE. More like two days later!
4/13/2011 c4 DoritoCloud
Rediscovering this story. I looked at when I last wrote a review, and it was August of 2009. Wow. Almost two whole years...and that was still after you had last updated.

Very glad you're back on track with this story. Just as I said in my last review two years ago, I love this story!
4/13/2011 c8 20ArmoredSoul

And don't worry, we all have those days. :)
4/13/2011 c8 32ChaosandMayhem
So that was my basic reaction to finding an update in my email several minutes ago. OH MY GOD I'M SO GLAD THIS IS BACK IN ACTION. As if you couldn't tell by the numerous caps. :)

Anyways, about the chapter itself. Not too much action, but that's all right because it's an excellent breather. Poor Dan, he's so tormented...he needs a hug. I love the mention of the kinds of dreams Dan has, and how he both loathes and loves them. So in-character for him.

I literally 'awwww'd' at the end of the chapter. You certainly know how to make a fangirl happy.

Hopefully you'll be back with another chapter soon, right? ;)

Love it!

4/13/2011 c7 Erika
So I guess this was abandoned? So sad, just when it was getting to the good parts!
3/20/2011 c7 6Viviane Renard
Wow, I can't believe Daniel almost punched Rorschach's lights out! Exciting, action-packed chapter.
9/12/2010 c7 HideTheDecay
So it's definitely almost been a year and I think you should update :D
6/2/2010 c7 13WolvesKey
Ah what a mess they've gotten themselves into and they keep going round in circles! XD Wonderful writing, great story, looking forward to next chappie :D
5/16/2010 c3 sugary-bathtub
Ha! Rorschach the party foul!

It was an awesome chapter in an awesome story! Rorschach waking up when Dan kisses him- classic. XD
4/24/2010 c7 Cas
Ohh! More more more! I know it's been awhile, but I hope there is a chance you will continue to update!
1/19/2010 c7 LadyRose
Yes, please keep updating. I'm loving this story!
1/15/2010 c7 Not Yet Knowing
I love how this story isn't too OC like some stories...heh...continue..I'm loving it...
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