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for Star Trek XIII: Empire

5/31/2012 c3 23Hideout Writer
Picard was referring to the incident In 'Generations' that resulted in the loss of the Enterprise-D, a Galaxy class starship. The 'E' is a Sovereign class starship, better suited to war than to peace, and was nearly half destroyed when Picard attempted to park the ship in Shinzon's ship in the movie 'Nemesis'. Shinzon was supposed to be the clone of Picard, but the project was discontinued for political reasons.

Intriguing start, but shouldn't this be filed under ST: TNG / IC crossover section?
4/26/2011 c6 14Storylover Vodhr
Frankly, I am disapointed in you. You had a good story, good plot, And you writing skills are pretty good, But you decided to abandon this story. is it because you got a few bad reviews? Well, I happen to like ExS, And I think you can finish this story. So, Please update. You shouldn`t care what flamers say any way. All great art has its critics and its fans. Just because a few people don`t like it doen`t mean Your story is horrible. I rather like it, if my lowly opinion matters.

5/9/2009 c6 Jedi472
Interesting crossover. It could use a bit more detail, but still, nice work. And I sort of like the ExS pairing, as long as they don't get too out of hand, if you get it. Keep this up.

4/29/2009 c6 lulu
ExS... Absurd!
4/23/2009 c6 2Psyclone
Heh, don't worry about apologizing, real life comes first. I'm interested, this chapter is written better than your others, I will be back to read the next one. Goodluck writing it!
4/23/2009 c6 Rainbow Six
ExS ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? If you're going to make it ExS don't bother posting anymore chapters.

~Rainbow Six
3/15/2009 c5 34Moonlit Novel
hello good story so far I hope you update soon and I was wondering if you could try the story without being in first person as it is VERY confusing, other then that I have to say again great story
3/4/2009 c5 2Timewatch
Hmm... The connection is gone. Not good. And is this before or after Nemesis? Becuase if it's after, then Data shouldn't be there. Whatever though.
3/2/2009 c5 2Ambrele
Eragon lost his mind *tehee* brill fick by the way! Also have you noticed that if you replaced the E with a D it spells dragon?¿ any sorry to hear about u being grouned, I just got over my sentence. :D
3/2/2009 c5 Rainbow Six
Much better. I would think they would have noticed that Eragon is not completly human.

~Rainbow Six
2/28/2009 c4 2Psyclone
Well, I'm not a trekkie, and I don't know much about Star Trek, but so far I guess you're doing well. the chapters could use a bit more substance and character development and interactions in them, it jumped around from Saphira's birthday to them flying to Helgrind, without an explanation as to what happened in between. You're doing good so far, so keep up the good work!
2/16/2009 c4 Tsunami
KEEP WRITING! This is a very good story, although your chapters are (very) short. It seems to be good so far, although I'm no trekkie... anyway, it is a good story.
2/13/2009 c4 Rainbow Six
I think this would be better in third person.

~Rainbow Six

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