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6/5/2022 c11 Just Sus
I'm so sorry you quit this story, and ended it with a cliffhanger. I see it's been a long time, but maybe 1 day you'll finish it? Thanks, anyway!
6/5/2022 c8 Just Sus
This is a scary situation! I'm worried for them, and for the kids! Enjoying this sequel a lot. sorry it's not completed!
6/11/2019 c11 brightflare
Good stories, hope you continue this one sometime!
10/7/2018 c11 Debbie Hicks
12 Angela's Sickness from Alien Bod Lett Angela's Pov Help me then ALIEN RATTLESNAKS Drained fled uSED MY Powers then then was Dying from BLood letting found by the Cullens Angela die with him my screams Executed Wityh them with both With the Kid ALICE'S Angela don't leave me Die Lycabn murdered with best friends pregnant then Carlisle you broke our ancient law of harboring Human must be turned Angela's change had started with theirs with eaexecuted ATOMIZED! Good torn from here asaulted with them the head We will do it by Federation Law Angela! alice HELP Her Change her into a VAMPIRE SLAYER SAILOR SOLDIER DO IT SAVE HER LIFE! t'll the infant is Abnormal it's a Hybrid MURDERED!
But too late two were torn then it was over then Fled chained you die with them Ashes! bought them myself was Burnijng with true venom roaring but a vengeance then BITTEN OUYTSIDE Good what hybriods ATOMIZED withthen thenlost my life the Cullens heaed my screaming was bitten was Changing too far gone with the best now one last heart beat stoppedwith theirs good ASHES Then bought them Master they wereturned by alien snakes died with child good are departed exploded Carnivorous selves then too late was getting colder coldest by now then too late no warmth or bodytempature as a result My eyes Snapped open a glowimg eneergy then too late was Dewad Alice Ican't feel her heart it's Decomissioned who diod to you and I Am Thirity what Ineed is Blood I Smelt animals SLICED! Blew freely bought here then too late with them good they been dead the very last ones drained remaining blood then are Bitten then exploding thenmyself never blushed Alice That alien light Angela Dawn Read Spier bit you harder young lady as are a Vampire with Wolipire children half-Were-Wolf and Half-Vampire are Galactic Lycans a offshott then then myself never had children went Hunt as a Vampire with them then suddenly as all of the Animals Killed with them then suddenly was departed vowed to be a Vegetarian for eternity PIERCED From here animal blood poisoned but healed then too late with theirs then Made immortal bought here that my Funeral/theirs felt very funny Uh-oh the glittering in my new eyes suddenly sparkled could telepathically spoken to Animals Newsflash what Animal Telepathy like Dar the Beastmaster they have powes then in time eyes turn fiery Yellow by mistake with a dot Angela yes you are a All-Venomous Vampire imprint Jake yes you bitten us/them then too late let loose a Hawk's noise Eleazar newflash meet his wife married both Dweeb she's what Immortal that my powers matured with theirs now unificed the kids were fully grown imprinted but mated by marriage by her officated presidng at their marriages bound us/them PIERCED/IMPALED/Popped bought here good what they grew larger then too late more guards were nuked then too late myself was Immortal truest fully time was complete now unable to have kids the kids had children created a Starfleet Command one Alice Contacted her parents but her brother fully grown with her are undead then too late a new race spawned like Vulcans were breeders Alice who done to our best friends Volturi they took lives away then too late they decree us/them not fit but myself had eight kids and great-great-great-grandchildren but were not humans so us/mazillions aboard then lost from here on Vulcan forever more the humans were old were slaves to them.
9/25/2018 c7 BnSA
Getting better! Now let’s kill Victoria and
get the kids back. Thanks!
9/25/2018 c5 BnSA
Enjoying your writing! A different take on
Victoria. Love it. Thanks
12/4/2016 c11 lilyflower101
More please.
6/23/2016 c11 shorty1773
Hope you will finish your story one day..It was getting good too!
4/11/2016 c11 sholtsclaw698
really enjoying this story and looking forward to reading more when you are able.
4/11/2016 c10 sholtsclaw698
i'm loving this story
4/11/2016 c1 sholtsclaw698
gonna be a great story
1/12/2016 c6 corteznutterz1
Wishing you all the best! And I am definitely looking forward to reading more of this great story!
Awesome job writing!
1/12/2016 c5 corteznutterz1
wow…I never would have guessed the irish coven…..not that I’m complaining haahaahaa
I thought it would have been Jake and his pack in La Push…But Im loving it so far
1/12/2016 c3 corteznutterz1
Great chapter!
1/12/2016 c1 corteznutterz1
loved this chapter! So glad they’re all together again
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