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for Dreaming All Alone

2/1/2015 c11 bella723
Plase say you plan to finsh this story
7/26/2014 c10 1gjmburgess2000
Really good
7/16/2014 c11 lily
I know I'm stupid for writing this but so are you for leaving something just like that
6/26/2014 c11 lily
Please update because I know you completely forgot about this story don't start something if you not gonna finish it
6/22/2014 c11 lily
Update or im gonna stop waiting look please update cause people have been giving you ideas so pleas update pleas I bet you forgot because its been 4 years since you updated
6/18/2014 c11 lily
Please don't abandon us please update you updated in 2010 that was four years ago come on pretty please with sugar and sprinkles and a cherry on top PLEASE UPDATE
6/18/2014 c11 lily
People have been giving you ides come on please update
6/15/2014 c11 babesbraves
Please think about finishing this fantastic story!
6/14/2014 c1 lily
Update PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'm gonna go but if you dont
6/7/2014 c11 lily
Did you abandon us please tell me you didn't please update soon
6/4/2014 c11 lily
Victoria finds Renee and turns her then possibly Charlie finds out of the vampire thing or Renee bites Charlie and then he gets killed by the volturi and Renee ends up moving PLEASE TRY THIS or the other one I wrote about Noah and Sadie being kidnapped by the volturi please I don't care what you do just pretty please with a cherry and twilight on top PLEASE just finish the story I wanna find out please don't abandon the story pleaseeeeeeeeeewwww
6/4/2014 c10 lily
Please pretty please update.I will give you an idea :the volturi take Noah and Sadie away then theres another fight and aro dies and they almost kill the twins
9/15/2013 c11 qhrciskrpc
what should happen? finish them.


this was enough story that I don't mind it not being finished.

but you should know that Jane was reading it and she seems irritated?
4/26/2013 c11 edwards wifeeeee
haii its edwards wifeeeee plzzz update soon I really lyk it its a while since Edward and bella got to be alone though so I think tht they should be able to have a time where they're alone thxz for sharing luv ya
7/13/2012 c11 Lientjie
I was just wondering if you have any plans to continue and finish this story soon?
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