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7/8/2023 c3 nkh1
very well written seems very taken by the Cullens. hope she receives an owl from Harry or Ron to break the brain freeze she is having.
5/29/2023 c3 Sophia
I really you will update this story soon. I’m looking forward to read what will happen next!
5/20/2023 c3 4ShadowsOfTheDay
I love this story so far I like how you made it so Hermione's scent was calming rather than painful maybe you can have the rest of the Cullen's not attracted to her scent and her calm their thirst and that caused being thanks to her being a witch I hope this story gets continued it's really good
1/7/2023 c3 seg7533
was there an update to this? I got a notification that there was, but don't see the update
1/6/2023 c1 Stille und regen
Like it
10/14/2022 c3 daniella2cool
I love this it is really well written so far. I am really looking forward to your next update!
9/25/2022 c3 mslezalie
Hoping for more. Please continue.
9/20/2022 c3 3zammieloverforever
Love this so much! I can’t wait to see what happens next.
9/17/2022 c3 Stille und regen
hello, you have an interesting story here
you write well, the pace of things is pleasant
I like that Hermione's scent is pleasant and ultimately thirst-inducing. makes more sense in my mind haha
excited to read more
8/31/2022 c1 12poppi
a suggestion to hermione’s health, bc clearly hermione will be a vampire if we are gonna have a happy ending. what if, instead of the cruacious curse having a longer effect (bc then harry and other students should have one too right), what if it’s the Mudblood scar? I used this concept in a ff I paused on writing, but u can use it if u think it works with ur plot as well.

the Mudblood curse, in my headcanon, is a curse that targets anyone who has muggle blood, so this includes halfblood. in the first war, someone also received it from Bellatrix.

Basically it’s a curse that is like cancer. It darkens their core and leaves them practically for dead, give or take 10 years of living in torture until they die. The effects of the curse is basically, sort of like, epilepsy that starts on the hands and it’s their magic that electrocutes them. It’s hard to explain, but I hope u understand the gist.
8/29/2022 c3 hernandezlucia80020
sigue por favor gracias por actualizar me encantó
8/27/2022 c3 Lorelei evans
'Her scent was calming, peaceful even... soothing the beast that sat inside him.'
That right there, is a perfect description and a major distinction between Bella (a blood singer) and Hermione (possible mate?)
8/26/2022 c3 MoonKitten02
I'm really enjoying this fic! Thank you
8/25/2022 c3 ora1168
Que encuentro, me encanto, espero que puedas desarrollar mas capitulos.
8/25/2022 c3 21CallaRose4ever
Woo hoo I am glad she isn't his singer. : ) I wonder if all the class b vampires will find her scent calming or if it will just be Edward? loving the story and looking forward to more.
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