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for The Rise of a New Sun

1/6/2013 c7 cbred13
I really like this story! I would like to read from Edwards POV again sometime soon!
1/6/2013 c7 Black Phoenix Ranger
Awesome Story. . . Keep up the great work. . . can't wait to read what happens next for Edward and Hermione.
1/5/2013 c7 Salinia
Interesting story!
Can't wait to read more!
1/4/2013 c7 1ShezzaBoo0233
i love the story so much already :) i hope you update ASAP! xxSB0233
1/2/2013 c7 Guest
I have a question. Edward's still there, but if Charlie and Hermione are related then where's Bella? Or is she going to appear in a later chapter?
1/2/2013 c7 Sammy
I love this! And i love your image too! It's perfect for this story!
1/2/2013 c7 Guest
I really like it and cant wait for more!
11/29/2012 c7 Archiewinner
Cool story! (:
11/25/2012 c7 update
11/18/2012 c7 LabsByEerie
I enjoyed this story and was able to get over it, but your grammar was quite appalling in places.
11/16/2012 c7 Naomi
Poor Hermione! Where's Eddie?! Love your story BTW!
11/15/2012 c5 Jazzer
I love your story... please start updating it again. I reaaallly like it. And I don't think that Hermione is acting like Bella. I mean, she just lost her parent of goodness sake. I really sure it the later chapter and all of the other readers will see it too.
11/4/2012 c4 hb87
Wow you're getting pretty angry in your AN's about some of the reviews you've gotten regarding the similarities between Hermione/Bella and your story being just like the book... But that's what you get when you ask for people's opinion.
9/26/2012 c7 Morgann
Update...soon...? Please...?
Love it
9/26/2012 c7 Guest
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