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for The Rise of a New Sun

5/29/2011 c7 18Snarky Granger
We finally get to see the way that her parents were killed. I always hated McNair. grr..
5/8/2011 c6 3bibble bubble
great story so far. hope to read more soon.

4/23/2011 c6 Panda Hero
This story is very interesting. You have to update soon b/c I want to know Edward pov. about Hermione.
4/2/2011 c6 ariah23
please update! absolutly love it amazing dont forget the story
3/31/2011 c6 crocadile1986
I like it, kinda funny
3/17/2011 c6 Azera-v
Cool story, please update soon!
3/13/2011 c6 sinma
am i the only one or it is always chapter 6 is being updated... i would like it if you could update chapter 7 asap...
3/13/2011 c6 18Snarky Granger
Oh...Edward is getting to her. hehe. Are we going to see any of the others? Will Carlisle know anything about the wizarding world?
3/13/2011 c6 8thweasleykid
nice chapter from Hermiones pov
3/13/2011 c6 5Dark Neko 7000
what going to happen next
3/2/2011 c6 1zelandoni0045
I like it please update soon I want to no where ur going with it! Btw just so u no uv been spelling barely wrong, uv spelt it barley so far which is like wheat, just said I'd say it in case u didn't realise!
2/21/2011 c6 1Jasper's little angel
i love it. please update soon
2/20/2011 c6 hg
please update the new chapter soon
2/20/2011 c6 hpfan91
please update ASAP
2/19/2011 c1 purpleshampoo
plz update
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