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for The Rise of a New Sun

11/24/2010 c6 6NorthernLights25
Please update soon
11/23/2010 c6 3RebeccaSeverusSnape
Great chapter, I loved it :)
11/23/2010 c6 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
11/22/2010 c6 lolo 93
i've reviewed please continue i love this fiction , pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease !)
11/21/2010 c6 6Desi-Pari Always
aww, poor hermione, yay for more interactions between the two! i can't wait for more

update soon!
11/21/2010 c6 Readerforlife
11/21/2010 c6 ThePsychoFairy
Loved it! hope you update soon! =D
11/21/2010 c6 15waterflower20
I'm so happy you update!This story is so good!I love how you portray Hermione!I prefer her like this!Please update soon!
10/6/2010 c5 compa16
yay i love this story looking foreword to the next update^^
8/13/2010 c5 Seven secrets
Love this story, i give this story 5 stars xoxo
7/19/2010 c5 6NorthernLights25
Please update soon!
7/18/2010 c5 rockerbaby150
I remember coming across this fic last year and absolutely loved it! I'm soooo glad I found it again. This was a great chapter. I loved the hermione/edward interaction and hope to see more in the next chapter.
7/17/2010 c4 allison
i really like it and i love how you put it edwards p.o.v too! Good job!
7/17/2010 c2 allison
this chapter was longer, but it was really good
7/17/2010 c5 morgan
Update asap!
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