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for The Rise of a New Sun

7/14/2010 c5 2TimeRose
i like it!=D cant wait for more
7/14/2010 c5 OMG
Love it!Absolutely love it!I like how you keep the main storyline of twilight but also alter it when needed to fit Hermione!And you pretty much keep them in character!From your author's notes i've gather that some people told you that Hermione is just like Bella but i strongly disagree.Sure she's an emotional mess and she cried but the girl have too much to handle!I mean her parents just died,she just came from a war with a lot of casualties and just move to a new continent!I mean seriusly people how were you gonna handle all that?I agree with you,your story,your rules!Just update soon please and when she will use magic?
7/14/2010 c5 lolo93
thanks 4 update the 5th chapter, and good luck with the others
7/13/2010 c5 Ms-Trixie
Loved it - when will Hermione catch on that they aren't human? Usually it's her in the Golden Trio that figures shite out really fast, haha. Anyways, thanks for the update :)


7/13/2010 c5 kitty 9987


7/13/2010 c4 Emma
I love love love love this story...its sooo well written and detailed..so what if hermione is a lot like bella right now or its similar to the book its ur story and its lk twilight with hermione granger instead there is a lot of differences too so w.e to what other ppl are saying... you are a great writer and this is an amazing story so thank you for giving it to us to read! :)
7/13/2010 c2 twilight fan
Amazingly done!

Good job so far
7/13/2010 c1 kitty 9987
Love the idea of this! :)
7/13/2010 c5 63The Alternative Source
Wasn't horrible at all. I really liked it. Your getting the ball really rolling here. Good luck. Ciao.
7/13/2010 c5 2cjewellm
Good story. Please update soon.
7/13/2010 c5 Readerforlife
cant wait to read more
7/12/2010 c5 hbwriter85
I like the story. Are you going to have Hermione do magic soon? Is she even still carrying her wand or has she totally cut herself off from the wizarding world? What about communication with Harry & Ron?
7/12/2010 c5 6Desi-Pari Always
yay, they speak haha

i'm looking forward to reading more

update soon!
7/12/2010 c5 len
your writing is still good..the progress is a bit slow but it's your story..anyway, more please.. :)
7/11/2010 c5 Rose Jane Granger Cullen

Well, first I wanted to say that I say I'm very happy that you have returned to write The Rise of the New Sun, because it is one of my favorite stories, about the chapter I really liked, and well I'm eager to see how you will write the romance between Hermione and Edward, I can hardly wait for the next chapters, so please update soon or when you can

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