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2/5 c2 hernandezlucia80020
me encantó las mejoras que le diste ala historia
sigue por favor
2/4 c2 2roon0
I love this. I look forward more. :D
2/4 c1 roon0
I love the start to this.
2/4 c2 ora1168
Me gusta tu historia,espero que la actualices pronto, quiero ver como se desarrolla el entorno con los Cullen.
1/25 c1 HartleySkarsgard
First time reading this and I’m glad I found it. I look forward to seeing where you take this : )
1/24 c1 meldz
the update is not showing. are you also in AO3?
1/24 c1 hernandezlucia80020
me encantó gracias por volver
a escribir otra vez.
estaré esperando con mucha paciencia los siguientes capítulo ánimo
1/23 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Really love this and is actually looking forward to future updates
1/22 c1 twinklegoesthesea
Yay can't wait to see the updates!
1/22 c1 ora1168
Ya estoy ansiosa por mas capítulos, espero que no venga Bella a esta historia, espero que se desarrolle con Hermione y Eduard junto con la familia Cullen y los lobitos.
11/29/2021 c1 hernandezlucia80020
sigue por favor
9/14/2021 c6 vivinene
I think it’s really out of character how Hermione behaves… she behaves more like a Bella with magic and dead parents. And apart from the accidental magic, she doesn’t use her magic, you never even wrote about her wand. I like the story idea very much, just the implementation is not so convincing.
8/30/2021 c10 nkh1
moving slow but it is a good read
9/28/2020 c10 3voicesofmelodies
so ummm will the be an update again?
5/3/2020 c6 LadyQuinzel
What I'm curious about at this point in the story is, why on earth is Hermione keeping the fact that her parents died a secret?

I know she feels guilty about how her parents died. But coming from someone who's own parent died infront of her, there is no good reason to hide that...the way her parents died? None of anybody's damn business. That's what she can say.

I know the struggle of having someone that close to you die infront of you. Hermione needs help. She's not so dumb as to not know that. You can't deal with something like that on your own.

I'm sitting here, waiting for the breakdown to come. I know everyone deals with stuff differently, but in my experience I ended up on medication because my breakdown happened and I could barely cope. And everyone I know tells me that I'm one of the strongest people they know...

So yeah, coming from someone who has dealt with shit, this story is not as realistic as I imagined it would be, since you said that you are writing your character as realistic as possible.

It just seems like Hermione is an exact replacement for Bella. Just with nightmares.
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