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4/15/2020 c9 Guest
4/15/2020 c1 Guest
12/25/2019 c10 Nicole1024
I hope you continue on with this!
7/14/2019 c9 Guest
More please
6/9/2019 c1 Guest
I love this!
2/17/2019 c1 Guest
please don't abandon this story!
4/29/2017 c10 Adahmel
Please update. I understand what people say about Hermione being like Bella I agree somewhat in some parts but I disagree as well seeing as what she has been through. You do not go through something like that and make it through completely sane. She has to gain all that confidence back and lose the guilt first. But by doing that she has to go through everything what all us mere mortals have to.

Well done and please continue. I am waiting with baited breath.
4/29/2017 c1 Adahmel
So grateful now Bella in this story. I really , really dislike her.
4/20/2017 c6 SF31
I like her fighting him in chapter 6. Very non Bella.
4/20/2017 c3 SF31
I'd like to see Hermione use magic against the meaner vampires.
Show she's a bit better than Bella in that respect.
4/20/2017 c2 SF31
So, no Bella? Or is Bella supposed to have been Hermione's mum? That's what I'm getting from this one.
4/30/2016 c1 2gabrielafeltom15
updating please, I love this historyyyyy
1/28/2016 c9 14babygurl0613
wow this just gets better and better pls tell me you're updating soon right?
10/25/2015 c1 Guest
8/26/2015 c10 2xxstardancerxx
Please update soon i really like this story and i hope that your not abandoning this story thanx please update soon
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