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8/14/2013 c8 jenny
8/14/2013 c8 Guest
excited to see that this story isnt dead and that ur updating again! :)
8/10/2013 c8 Jen
great update!
8/11/2013 c8 3Dramione-Fan 17
I hope to read more soon.
8/10/2013 c8 51LunarHarmonious
more please soon
8/7/2013 c8 nicky
love this! good chapter, great update!
8/7/2013 c8 6Desi-Pari Always
I always love the horsing around between Charlie and Billy :)
I know this is a recreation of Twilight using Hermione instead of Bella, but I really hope you go wasy on Jacob. Personally, I'm not a fan of Bella at all, so I like the ways that you change the story to incorporate more of Hermione's character (like the library thing haha), so I'm hoping the part about using Jacob and getting hung up on Edward gets changed too.
Otherwise I'm looking forward to see what happens when the two groups begin to mingle ;)
8/6/2013 c8 Guest
love it! great update!
8/6/2013 c3 Guest
Just a Brit Pick - In the UK we don't learn to drive until 17
8/5/2013 c8 15waterflower20
I understand you want to change narrative to the third parson, but you keep mixing first and third person and it gets confusing, Example: "On Sunday morning Hermione woke up to a pecking noise on my window and looked to see the snowy white body of Hedwig fluttering outside eagerly waiting for me to let her in."

I enjoyed the chapter though and look forward to more.
8/4/2013 c8 2Lucy Greenhill
Hey! Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one! xoxo
8/4/2013 c8 nicky
upppdateeeeee soon!
8/4/2013 c8 catlyin
so glad u updated!
7/19/2013 c7 Linny
update soon!
7/15/2013 c7 5TiffCutshall
Wow okay so loving this story! Please update soon! I can't wait to read more!
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