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3/7/2009 c10 5Mika Tenoh
You have a really awesome story keep up the great work
2/25/2009 c9 loverofbooks20
really good! i hope yo update soon!
2/21/2009 c8 17Becksibee
Intresting, i liked it.

Made a change to read a fic from the otherside.

Spelling and Grammer a little off but i understood what was ment to be there.

Is they more chapters to come?

Well Done Again.

2/20/2009 c8 13Xyverz
I was quite surprised to see you go from nicely formatted conversation to not-so nicely formatted conversation, then on to let's-jumble-everything-into-large-paragraphs.

This was otherwise a nice story. Keep up the good work.
2/17/2009 c7 loverofbooks20
please update soon! I love the character Dell! Great job!
2/17/2009 c5 1xThatWriterGirlx
u can't have mischeif eyes- you mean mischevious

do you mean his bright red hair had gone awry? that doesn't make sense, actually, so nvm

took it back at the BEGINNING of the summer, not BEGGING
2/17/2009 c2 xThatWriterGirlx
good idea, but i have a question: how could Adelle "curve in all the right places" if she was, in fact, about 10 or 11? It just doesn't seem right, i dunno. Great idea, and i love the name Adelle, btw. I had actually thought of writing something about dudley having a kid who was magic, and started writing it. well good luck with urs!
2/17/2009 c7 55Skandar-Loves-Redvines
Awesome story. I can't wait for your next update! I like the part about "the new Marauders". That was a pretty good idea.
2/15/2009 c5 loverofbooks20
i enjoyed it! please update soon!
2/15/2009 c4 loverofbooks20
really good! please update soon!
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