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for Beloved Nemesis

6/4 c10 OrangeMilk
The instant i read that last line i buried my head into my pillow until I couldn't breathe
3/3 c64 chartreuxGIAN
Epic story, thank you
2/20 c1 156Qoheleth
Dear Thing:

A small, but perhaps important point: In your transcript of Anakin's lines from Episode III, you may wish to put a comma after "I can destroy him". Otherwise, it's all too easy to read that line as, "I can destroy him and you, and I can rule the galaxy." (Stupid invariant pronoun forms, am I right?)

8/7/2020 c64 TiaMaria710
I enjoyed your story. Thanks for writing and finishing.
8/3/2020 c49 TiaMaria710
This is the greatest development. I want to cheer. I’ve always had a soft spot for Piett.
8/1/2020 c39 TiaMaria710
Nice touch. Game on.
7/30/2020 c24 TiaMaria710
The minute he got her case I dreaded this. Will the Sith in him return?
7/30/2020 c17 TiaMaria710
Padme’s ability to deflect Vader’s pointed questions has been well done up to this chapter. I don’t want her to give in. I feel like he’s seducing her and she’s failing to be strong. She needs to be getting to the bottom of his motives and how impossible And complicated this situation is. At least imho.
7/30/2020 c13 TiaMaria710
Customized lightsaber by DV. He really isn’t a sith in this story. Not sure why.
7/29/2020 c10 TiaMaria710
Good story. I’m enjoying the start of transformation. Every chapter has been interesting.
7/19/2020 c64 Yyhhhh
7/21/2020 c64 aigneis
What a roller-caster this story was! I must admit that I read this fic in two days...Once I've started reading I couldn't stop. I also cried here and there :D All in all it's a good story which is mostly focusing on the Anakin&Padme relationship (which I'm glad for). Of course, there are some problems within the story for example very clichéd plot devices and amazing coincidences (lost and found aunt, Jedi friend form the past that knows highly medically advanced species, the treason of the highest-ranked officers in Empire's navy, irrational behavior of Yoda who claimed that child can be born evil, etc.). But I liked it and it's clear that your writing style elevated in the next years (I've read your more recent stories and I enjoyed them even more). I hope you'll continue to write about Anidala/Vaderdala :)
7/11/2020 c64 Xhex1
This is by far the best star wars story ive read. Wish the real movie would of ended lime this. Great work
7/10/2020 c64 1Hinate
AP love love
I can't believe I'd say this again so soon... that this was even better than My Daughter for me... and one of best ever... Thank you really for these awesome fics...
6/4/2020 c64 MissyH316
WOWEE! Another great epic! Man, SW fanfic authors are among THE best authors I've seen since first joining this site over 10 years ago; the Force is indéed VERY strong here! Thank you so much for sharing! :-D
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