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for In my wake

5/21/2009 c3 7Waterdog
Intrusting so far. Conan is going to be so annoyed when he wakes up.
4/28/2009 c3 Merialle
This is your first story? o_o You're very good.

So far, the plot's flowing smoothly and I like how you describe details and stuff. But how did Conan get knocked out by Gin?

Please keep up the good work!
4/5/2009 c2 4Digeridoodler
Oh noez D: Poor Haibara! Ouchie! Falling off a bed and breaking a rib? That sounds painful :/ I've never broken a bone so I guess I wouldn't know _ Anyways, I can't wait to read more of this :3 I'll be watching~
2/26/2009 c1 5Khail
The abrupt change from first to third person is confusing. Otherwise, it's pretty good.
2/19/2009 c1 maddie88
You are so talented, I can't believe its your first time! This fic is really promising
2/17/2009 c1 empty picture frame
This is a nice story. I like the details and the way you describe ai's thoughts/emotions.

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