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7/22/2018 c1 Guest
One cold winter's day Alice as quiet as a mouse crept in her father's room and she requested Sir Stavro (Lancelot) to come with her and of course he accepted. She went to her mother's room and took her barbie doll. She looked really happy and Sìr Stavros and Lady Elaine couldn't help it but wonder why was she happy?. She announced happily:We're gonna have a wedding You two are getting married. If Sir Stavro (Lancelot) and Lady Vaggelio (Juliana) were able to speak they could probably start telling her off for making them marry but because they were so much in love with each other they had to thank her. She said excitedly:I'll be the priest. King Christ and Queen Louisa had gone for shopping but they would be back in an hour. Alice continued:Dearly beloved we're gathered here today to marry these two And witness the Union between Sir Lancelot du lac and Lady Juliana. She turned to her cousin and said:Cousin Stavro do You accept my dear mother as Your wife till both of You die?. He answered:I do with all my heart. Mom smiled and I Who's Alice couldn't stop but shed a tear but i held myself and said:And You mom do You take Sir Lancelot (Stavro) to be your husband til both of You die. Mom Juliana smiled and nodded:Yes i do. I squealed like an eighteen years old woman would do and said:Then by the authority vested by me I now pronounce Man and wife You may kiss the bride. They kissed and i cheered for them. A mare came to take them to their honeymoon and they were able to go for a while in Norway. Just as i had finished the nice reality i had made I heard the front door of the house open and heard a male voice say:I hope Alice didn't do something which wasn't nice and soon heard a female voice reply to his question:Surely she wouldn't do that. I gulped knowing who it was yes it was my father King Christ and my mother Queen Louisa. Stavros and mom vaggelio also got worried so they tried to not talk. Suddenly i heard the doors of the room of both my dad and mom open and they entered inside and looked to see that everything was in order except two toys of theirs were missing. I sighed in relief as they hadn't start screaming for if they were i knew we were in trouble and being the devoted daughter i am i said to Mom vaggelio:You'll go and distract them and i'll take Stavro to france before anything goes bloody. She said:Okay dear daughter i'm on it. She suceeded and Stavros (Lancelot) was in France before You can say Jingle bells. I swear as a woman i'm i could hear my mom explaining to the king and queen about what happened and was telling them to not be hard on me. They obeyed her but still they were trying to calm their seething nerves. I heard my bedroom's door open and i knew instantly who it was. My father King Christ and my mother Queen Louisa entered inside and i was busy decorating my mirror with christmas bells and ribbons after mom vaggelio decorated the Christmas tree. After i finished i said:It's really a beautiful time Christmas the perfect time of the year too bad dad Lionel isn't alive to see that i'm sure he would love it. Mom Vaggelio was busy making a christmas cake and cookies. In the meantime back in my room My father King Christ and my mother Queen Louisa were watching me decorate also the wardrobe with christmas bells and red ribbons and i wished:I wish that this Christmas i'll be a reindeer and fly helping Dad Lionel deliver presents. Hearing my wish my father and mother looked at each other and back at me surely i hadn't wished becoming a reindeer but they heard it clearly i had wished it. And soon Dad Lionel appeared and said:My darling daughter i never forgot the goodness You have in Your heart by helping Your mom and cousin to love each other and i decided to reward You. I looked at him my legs shaking from happiness like i was old and he said:Something's missing here. He takes a red ribbon and ties around my neck and said:Awww Alice You're pretty as a present Do You remember Your dream. I looked at his reindeers and nodded my head and he said:I think Your cousin Lance and mom Juliana wished that for You. He transformed into a reindeer and i go as a leader and Garret placed an arch with bells arpund my neck.
6/1/2017 c1 asteroula
After another bullying accident with her classmates marilena a high school girl began to doubt her mother's existence like her brother and sister had done in the past. Knowing the feeling of fear hurt and worry of being unaccepted by anyone her brother Christ age 22 and sister Sophia age 18 decided to help her believe in their mother again like she had done in the past when they didn't believed in her. Jesus's Mom as a caring mother comforts the distressed young girl telling that her brother and sister are gonna help her regain her faith in christmas. Of course the girl believing that god is always with her decides to believe in her mother. On this particullar christmas eve Christ and Sophia are visited by jesus's mom Panagia and she tells them that she helped their little sister regain her spirit a little and believe that God is always with her. Of course Christ and Sophia are very gratefull that jesus's mom helped their sister believe in God but she also told them that if she doesn't believes in her mother the magic crown will lose it's power and in order to get her to believe in their mother they must complete with her and the queen of mycenae's help twelve difficult labours which includes her also. Now we shall see how both Christ and Sophia σκοτωσαν την λεαινα της Νεμεας σκοτωσαν την Λερναια Υδρα εποιασαν την γοργη ελαφινα της Λιουμπλανας [Κερυνειας] στην Σλοβενια σκοτωσαν το αγριο γουρουνι της Βαρσοβιας [Ερυμανθου] καθαρισαν τους σταβλους της βασιλισσας της Ουγγαριας Ευα [Αυγεια] σκοτωσαν τις Τουρκικες στυμφαλιδες ορνιθες εποιασαν την ημερη αγελαδα της Ιταλιας [Κρητης αν και κανονικα ηταν ταυρος αλλα το καναμε αγελαδα] εφεραν τις ημερες φοραδες της βασιλισσας της Ουκρανιας εφεραν την ζωνη της ξαδερφης τους Της βασιλισσας της Γαλλιας Νικολετα [Ιππολυτη] εκλεψαν τις αγελαδες του βασιλια Γυρυονη της Ισπανιας με την βοηθεια του δικεφαλου σκυλου Ορθρου εφεραν τα χρυσα μηλα των Εσπεριδων με την βοηθεια και των τριων αλλα και του δρακου Λαδωνα που ηταν απο την Ρωσια και τελος εφεραν ζωντανη τον τρικεφαλο σκυλο Κερβερο της Ισπανιας που προσεχε ολοκληρο στενο.
6/1/2017 c1 asteroula
Little marilena quietly creeped out of her room not hearing either her mother either her father in the home as quietly as she was the sixteen-year-old girl went to the room of her sister and picked up eueline her barbie doll and she was dressed in wedding gown and then she closed the door of her sister's room and opened the door of her brother and stared all the toys he had her eyes landed on her cousin stavros a sherrif doll and her other cousin Christina a piggybank toy. She picked them up and said:A great idea is too pick up those two and get euline and stavro hitched. If marina was there she would have laughed at the embarrased look of stavro and the amused expression of Christina. She took them in her arms and walked at first in her room but as she saw lenia and theodori making it out on her bed she was really disgusted and she decided to to do the wedidng in her brother's room so she would feel safe in there. Christina said:Was lenia actually doing that?. The girl nodded saying:Yes cousin Christina she was and believe it is disgusting. But after a minute or two the girl announce happily because she realised she was home free:We're gonna have a wedding [to eueline] Eueline You are gonna marry Sherrif Stavro. Eueline smiled at the ethusiasm of her girlfriend's sister and she said:Awww come here You and i wish that You and Your brother will get married soonly. The girl smiled and said:Dearly beloved friends and family we are gathered here today for the union of this man and this woman i mean Sherrif Stavro and Eueline They're getting married. She looked at her cousin stavro and said:Do You take her to be your lawfully wedded wife For better for worse for rich or poor in health in sickness till death both aparts you. Stavros nodded at his cousin marilena saying:Yes of course Cousin Marilena i mean I Do. The same note she asked eueline and she replied:Yes i do!. Now marilena said happily:By the authority vested by me i now pronounce you husband and wife You may kiss the bride. Stavros and Eueline kissed each other happily and christina was moved to tears that she ended crying from happiness as celi giggled saying:And to us too!. Bullseye decided to take stavro and eueline for the honeymoon and they were out of sight before the bells of the sleigh were heard. Until suddenly she saw that eueline and stavro were doing sex inside a car which made christina ask her:What are they doing?. She said:I think they're making it out. Christina said:Jesus christ couldn't they wait?. But everything were back to normal because it was not a dream but a reality the girl made for her cousin stavro. Suddenly as she had said:Happy beginning means happy ending too cousin christina. The tv opened by itself and soon she saw that from inside the polar express her brother Christ and sister Sophia were satring at her. She luckily had hided the toys behind her in order from them to not see that she has taken them without asking. Fortunately for her they hadn't seen anything and the tv then closed by itself again and christina said:Phew that was close one unwise step and they could have seen you cousin marilena. The girl said:I know christina but please be quiet or they'll find out that i took them without asking. From inside the polar expres Christ asked Sophia very curious:I wonder what did our sister do and she seemed calm as ever instead of nervous?. Sophia shrugged her shoulders saying:I don't know brother but i think she took something that belongs to us and we used to play with them every day and every night. Suddenly both of them realised what their sister had done and they decided to look again. Christina said to eueline and her brother:Both of you don't do anything cause my cousins Christ and Sophia are gonna look at the house again. They obeyed and when Christ and Sophia stared at their sister again the young lady shrugged her shoulders not knowing where the toys are and the television closed again. After many hours of peace and quiet the young lady could hear weird noises coming from the front door of the house and as Sophia entered in her room and Christ in his room they saw that Their toys Stavros and Eueline had disappeared. The door of her room opened and her older brother and sister looked at her saying:Little where you in our room?. She wanted to say no that she wasn't and it was lenia and theodoris but she realised that she had a cowboy doll in her hand and a barbie dool in her other hand. Christ said:Hey this cowboy is mine!. Sophia said:And this barbie is mine too !. She knew they had found them and she couldn't do anything else but give them back to her brother and sister who looked at her saying:Why did you took them without asking?. She said tearing up:I wanted to play something fun but i forgot to ask to borrow your toys and i took them on accident i didn't mean too. Her brother placed his hand on her head so did her sister and they hugged her and he said:There There little sister everything is okay no harm is done. Sophia said:But the next time we are not in home and you are bored ask us if you can borrow our toys.
6/30/2015 c1 Guest
Μια καλοκαιρινη μερα του ιουλιου μεσα στο δωματιο του 19χρονου αντρα μου εμεις καθομασταν και διαβαζαμαι την ιστορια το πως ο μιχαλης βρηκε μια περιπετεια.Εγω λεω:Ωραιο και ιδιοφυες αυτο που εκανε ο καουμποης.Μετα διαβαζουμε την ιστορια το πως η θεια μου εγινε τιγρης για μια ημερα.Τοτε πεταγεται ενα μαντηλι και εγω βλεπω τον παναγιωτη να ψαχνει κατι:Γεια σου γεια σου ελα εδω μικρο βιβλιαρακι που γραφουμε μεσα σου βγες εξω βγες εξω.Εγω λεω:Ωχ θεε μου πανο(τιγρη) μου φαινεται πως τα εχεις κανει χαλια εδω και πριν ολα ηταν τακτοποιημενα.Αυτος μας λεει πως κανει μια επιστημονικη ερευνα για να βρει το βιβλιο που γραφει τις σκεψεις του ο αντρας μου.Φυσικα μετα η κεσαπιδου ακουει την δικια της ιστορια και μαθαινει οτι με την βοηθεια μου το καθε πλασμα μεγαλο η μικρο μπορει να κανει τα παντα.Τοτε ακουγεται η πορτα και η κυρια βαγγελιω λεει:Χρηστο γιε μου γυρισες απ'το σχολειο.Εγω λεω:Ιιιχ η μαμα του χρηστου στεργιαδη γρηγορα πρεπει να κρυφτουμε.Η πορτα ανοιγει και η μαμα του μπαινει μεσα και λεει:Ωχ θεε μου τι ακαταστατο δωματιο νομιζω πως πρεπει να μιλησω στον χρηστο οταν ερθει σπιτι.Κλεινει την πορτα και αναστεναζουμε ολοι καθως ο παναγιωτης λεει ανησυχος:Ωχ Ωχ οχι τι εχουμε κανει.Εγω λεω σοκαρισμενη:Εμεις πανο νομιζω πως εσυ ησουνα αυτος που.
6/21/2015 c1 Guest
Αυτος την συγχωρει μας παιρνει στο δωματιο του μας βαζει στο κουτι του κολλεγιου και παιρνει τον μιχαλη και τον ορεστη τους κοιτα και μετα κοιταει στα δεξια του.Εγω λεω:Τι σας ελεγα οτι θα γινει της μπουτανας το καγκελο.Η χριστινα λεει:Βλεπεις οτι ο αντρας σου εχει μεινει σε σοκ.Πραγματι ειχε μεινει σε σοκ εγω λεω:Ενταξει θα γινει γης πουτσας του πουτσεος.Αυτος λεει:Γλυκια μου μην μιλας ετσι το παιδι δεν θα της αρεσει.
6/21/2015 c1 Guest
Η μαρινα λεει σε σοκ:Αστερουλα πως μιλας ετσι μπροστα στο παιδι σου.Εγω λεω:Εχεις δικιο μαρινα πρεπει στα παιδια να λεμε τα πραγματα με το κανονικο τους ονομα θα γινει το σεξ της πουτσας.Η σοφια λεει:Αναρωτιεμαι αν το ακουγαι ο δφερφος μας αυτο τι θα λεγε.Εγω λεω:Ενταξει θα γινει της μαλακιας της μπουτανας.Ο παναγιωτης λεει ακουγωντας τον χρηστο να ερχεται στο δωματιο της σοφια:Ωχ παιδια ερχεται ο ιδιοκτητης μας κρυφτειται.Εγω λεω πανω στο ραφι καθως ο αντρας μου μπαινει μεσα και κοιταει πανω στο ραφι:Ετοιμαστειται παιδια θα γινει της μπουτανας το καγκελο.Οταν το ακουει αυτο μενει σε σοκ και η αδερφη του εξηγα τι εγινε και του δινει πισω τα παιχνιδια και εμενα.
6/21/2015 c1 Guest
Εγω λεω:Ευτυχως ειμαστε ενταξει παιχνιδια μην φοβαστε λαθος συνεγερμος.Αναστεναζουν τα παιχνιδια και η μαρινα λεει:Τι συνεγερμο θα βαλουμε Ωω ωραιες ιστοριες εχει γραψει ο αδερφος μας για σενα και τα παιχνιδια μας και του.Έγω λεω:Στο γραψιμο καλα τα παει αλλα δεν μας εχει παιξει τωρα.Ωω και οταν ερθει ο αδερφος εας εσεις οι δυο θα κρυφτειται πισω απ'την ντουλαπα μαζι με τα παιχνιδια και εγω πανω στο ραφι.Η σοφια με βαζει πανω στο ραφι καθως ακουει την φωνη του αδερφου τους και αυτη μαζι με την μαρινα και τα παιχνιδια κρυβονται πισω απ'την ντουλαπα καθως η πορτα του δωματιου της σοφίας ανοιγει.Φυσαμε απο ανησυχια αλλα μετα ηρεμουμε γιατι ηταν θεια μου αλλα πισω απ'την θεια μου ειδα δυο χερια να την χαιδευουν.Μετα εμφανιζεται ο καουμποης απο πισω της εγω λεω:Κοριτσια λαθος συνεγερμος.Ερχεται η μαμα του χρηστου κανουμε ολοι τους ακινητους και αυτη λεει:Νομιζω οτι θα μιλησω στον χρηστο οταν ερθει σπιτι.Ολοι αναστεναζουμε καθως ο παναγιωτης λεει:Οχι τι εχουμε κανει.Εγω λεω σοκαρισμενη:Εμεις λοτσο νομιζω οτι εσυ ησουνα αυτος που.Αυτος λεει:Ελα τωρα αστερουλα δεν πρεπει να εκτοξευσουμε κατηγοριες πρεπει να κανουμε κατι.Ο μιχαλης λεει:Συμφωνώ δεν θελουμε να βαλουμε τον χρηστο στεργιαδη σε φασαριες ασε μετα δεν ξερω τι θα γινει.Εγω λεω:Εγω ξερω τι θα γινει θα γινει(ουρλιαζω) της μπουτανας το καγκελο.Η σοφια λεει:Αστερουλα πως εκφραζεσαι ετσι μπροστα στο παιδι σου.Εγω λεω:Μες στην κοιλια μου ειναι αφεντρα.Αυτη λεει:Δεν πειραζει αλλα μην μιλας ετσι αν σε ακουγαι ο αδερφος θα εμενε σε σοκ.Εγω λεω:Ναι εχεις δικιο θα γινοταν της πουτσας του πουτσεου.
6/21/2015 c1 Guest
Μια μερα πρωι ηταν η 15χρονη σοφία στεργιαδου ανοιξε την πορτα του δωματιου που ανηκε στον μεγαλο της αδερφο τον 19χρονο χρηστο στεργιαδη.Ο αδερφος της φυσικα ελειπε γιατι μιλουσε στο σπιτι ενος φιλου του για την περιπτωση της μικρη τους αδερφης που ηταν εγκυος.Ετσι αποφασισε να παρει λιγα απ'τα παιχνιδια του και να παιξει.Πηρε εμενα,πηρε τον θαναση,πηρε την λενια και την καουμποησσα.Ηθελε να παρει τον μιχαλη τον καουμποη και τον ορεστη τον αστροναυτη αλλα ηξερε πως ο αδερφος της δεν θα χαιρώτταν καθολου αν το μαθαινε.Μας πηγε στο δωματιο και αρχιζε να παιζει τον γαμο της μπαρμπι με τον ρεξ.Φυσικα η μαρινα που χαιδευε απαλα την κοιλια της χαιροταν αλλα και ταυτοχρωνος ανησυχουσε.Εγω λεω:Μαρινα γλυκια μου ψιψινα δεν εχει περασει ουτε ωρα που ο αδερφος σας εχει φυγει να γυρισει τωρα.Αυτη λεει:Αυτο το ξερω μην μαθει πως η σοφια πηρε τα παιχνιδια του ξερεις ποσο υπερπροστατευτικος είναι μαζι σας.Εγω λεω:Το ξερω αλλα το προβλημα μου ειναι πως θα βγαλουμε ενα σφηνωμενο γογγυλι που ειναι εξω απ'το παραθυρο του δωματιου του αδερφου σας αα δεν σας το ειχα πει θα αναγκαστουμε να το βγαλουμε.Τα δυο κοριτσια κοιτιουνται μεταξυ τους ανησυχα δηλαδη θα ειχαμε δουλεια να κανουμε.Η σοφία πεταγεται και λεει:Αστερουλα εχω μια ιδεα οταν ξανα μπουμε στο δωματιο του αντρα σου να αφησουμε τα παιχνιδια του θα προσπαθησουμε με οση δυναμη εχει ο καθενας μας να τραβηξει το γογγυλι.Τοτε ακουγεται η εξωπορτα και ακουγεται η φωνη της μαμας:Ελπιζω οι κορες μου να μήν εχουν λερωσει το σπιτι γυρισα Απ'τα ψωνια.Τα κοριτσια αναστεναζουν ανακουφισμενα γιατι νομιζαν πως ηταν ο αδερφος τους.Εγω λεω:Ενταξει σωθηκαμε η μαμα σας ειναι.Πανε κατω και την χαιραιτανε μετα ξανανεβαινουν στο δωματιο της σοφίας.Εγω λεω:Φιου φτηνα την γλιτωσαμε ετσι δεν ειναι κοριτσια.Αυτες κουνανε το κεφαλι και συνεχιζουν να παιζουν ανεμελλες
3/5/2011 c1 194AnimationNut
It'd be awesome if you continued. This is a really great fic, keep it up!
8/3/2010 c1 nolongerinuseee
very good.very funny!

3/8/2010 c1 3CalculatedChaos
This was a really cute little story. It's just the right size, and you showed a good amount of attention to detail in helping us to picture the scenes. I'll be reading your other stories fairly soon. (and no, this isn't just to solicit return reviews :D)
10/27/2009 c1 3Double D Is So Sweet
I really like this story! I'd actually like to see it continue! =]
9/3/2009 c1 friend2manyfan21
Aww please continue this story!I really like it so far!
8/5/2009 c1 tsfan89
I enjoyed this story alot. You should write more!

It seems like an interesting story so far. I would love to see what happens next. :)
7/9/2009 c1 20Chaosmaiden07
Expand please, oh and if it isn't oo much trouble, could Molly 'marry' mir and misis potato head? Jessie and Buzz to please?
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