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7/3/2009 c1 219Kristyn94
Poor Pam! Roy is evil! And Jim is smexy and Karen is as evil as Roy and they should burn in Hell together! I wish Pam would have just accepted Jim's love right away, broken it off with Roy and hooked up with Jim! He's such an amazing guy! That's impossible to find in real life! The chick who plays Pam is nothing like Pam and it made me sad. She's kinda preppy and she's loud and obnoxious. That's not Pam at all! John Krasinski is cool in everything he does! I totally wanna see that movie Away We Go. And Monsters Vs. Aliens cause he was in it and Stephen Colbert is in it and I just had a cup of coffee and I'm ultra hyped up right now. And really giggly. Just like the other night when my friend was over I made a stupid joke and started giggling and then laughed for 20 minutes straight even after I had forgotten the joke. And by this point you have probably stopped reading which makes sense cause I sound like a druggy.

Luff, Chicky
6/28/2009 c1 10miamijuggler
Hehe... Karen.

My girlfriend refers to her only in terms of "the Hussy" or "the Homewrecker."

I like this introspective into a moment which is often overlooked. I always felt that Roy was an underdeveloped character, even in the series, and there are times when I wish we could see more of Pam's relationship with him.

The series is basically required to paint Roy in a negative light, because they wanted to move the plotline towards Pam and Jim. However, sometimes I'd like to see some of the good stuff that exists between Roy and Pam; y'know, just to make it a bit more fair and even. And I think you do a good job of showing a little bit of that in this fic.

In short, I don't believe that Roy is a bad person. He may be unrefined and coarse, but I think he does his best. Unfortunately, his best is nowhere near good enough for Pam. But we notice that it IS just barely good enough to stop her from leaving him for eight years. And seemingly good enough to return to after things don't work out with Jim in Season 3.

Okay, so I'm rambling, and I promise when I started writing that this was going to somehow relate to your fic, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

In any case great one-shot. Hope to
6/2/2009 c1 caleb frost
an excellent look into what pam was thinking that night. the wedding episode left out alot of sides, and we basically onlysaw karen for like three seconds, so I am glad you delved into pam's brain and how she must feel so confused now that she is missing a fiance and a best friend.

love your work.
5/9/2009 c1 2pamelamorganhalpert
this is amazing! i just read your most recent story, and then LOVING you writing so much i went to your author profile to see if i could find anything equally good to read. low and behold i find this story - it's even better then the most recent one, i can't even begin to describe how realistic and poetic your writing is. bravo!
2/19/2009 c1 5bingbangboom714
Great job!

Loved it!


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