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9/8 c160 Fig
Simply Amazing. Finished the whole thing in a week.
9/3 c1 colbylast
This character is ridiculously dumb... Just take whatever starter the parents wanted to dump him with, and use that to catch a better one and release/sell/trade the lame starter.

He literally just wasted a year of time he could've used to catch a dozen cool pokemon. Instead he used that year begging his parents for a freebie... Is this that kid that goes into WoW and starts calling out on public chat "Can someone give me the gold for a mount PWEEAAAASEEE!"

Assuming his parents aren't walking behind him the whole trip, running head-first into the territory of something good would be easy.

Not to mention, the parents offered him a Cleffa. That's a fairy type pokemon. That's the weakness to dragons. He can literally use that pokemon to jumpstart his catching of a dragon-type pokemon.
8/11 c56 Resaue
Performer and Pokemon in one sentence brings back into mind something else after Kalos. It was a hilarious mental image of Nick performing in Showcases.
8/4 c1 Mr Zy
He's not really gonna have just one pokemon right
7/30 c160 breadedonion
oughhg i wanna cry
7/30 c159 1Blanky-Chan
this is one of the best fics i have ever read
7/24 c22 Guest
Oh boy the person this froslass is talking about is nick isnt it
7/24 c18 Guest
this guys pretty lucky, ez camerupt, breloom, and froslass, didnt have to catch any of them
7/24 c15 Guest
Mans getting sugar babied by a girl and cant even appreciate it because he’s a child
7/24 c13 Guest
honestly kind of dislike this character, but honestly, i kind of dislike children-adolescents characters in general, always either too cocky or no confidence.
7/24 c9 Guest
LMFAO why would she evolve to a shiny leafeon when the glaceon evolution is available?
7/24 c8 Guest
breloom is actually good though
7/15 c3 DustyClouds
I'm not really liking this kid's personality. Even at their age, they should know better and cut Des some slack. It's not Des's fault that it has a weakness to water types. The expectations this kid has is just unbelievable. I will continue reading, though.
6/23 c15 Guest
This is Ash with a different name boring as fuck!
6/21 c94 Guest
I didn’t figure out it was an April fools joke, but seeing as how I would have no way of knowing when this was released I’d say that’s fair.
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