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6/11/2009 c2 4GrilledCheeseOreos
so... you gonna update this or not?
6/10/2009 c2 Shiva89
This is a great story I just wish you would hurry and update soon.
6/10/2009 c2 unknown
update soon. DEAR GOD PLEASE UPDATE SOON. This story is awsome!
6/2/2009 c2 Lady Navajo
good story cant wait for more
5/11/2009 c2 Vivian
update god damn it! I've been waiting for weeks! please...
5/1/2009 c2 vikky
please post new chapter ASAP. very good
3/11/2009 c2 unknown
When are you going to update this story? I really want to read more.
2/28/2009 c2 5Psychotic Sprite
Heya! Greatly enjoying your story and can't wait til next update.

Ciao :)

2/19/2009 c1 3Roquette
HO MAI GAWD! *squel* I am so excited. This has been one of my all time favorite stories I have ever read! And now, after a LONG time of waiting and hoping and looking every day, it is finally going to have an ending! *dance of joy*

2/18/2009 c1 The Flea
nice! loved it the first time, and i love it the second time too! wonderful!
2/17/2009 c1 15SOS-ASAP
what happened to all the other chapters? it was really good how it was before! bring it back please! :)
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