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for The Final Letter

5/7/2021 c1 Bambu ade
Dovresti continuare la storia bel racconto
1/18/2010 c1 2Julchen1515
I like it
9/5/2009 c1 22NightlyEvilTM
I love it!
3/15/2009 c1 rosseyanna
Aw, so heartbreaking. I love it. Please write a sequel.
3/2/2009 c1 1simplicityyyx3
Oh Kimmy I love this one-shot. It makes me kind of sad, but its cool cause it comes full circle because first Brooke was hiding the letters and now Lucas is. Loved it!
2/18/2009 c1 DeeDee
That was great! Thank you so much for writing this!
2/18/2009 c1 Brookeisthecomet
Wow. That was breathtaking. Seriously. I LOVED every minute of it. I even shed a few tears (only Brucas can make me do that...or a really good writer). If only Lucas wasn't such a *hole in the show, and he actually acted like he cared about Brooke. Sorry, I have a lot of Lucas/Leyton hate. Anyways, I think that you portrayed the relationship between Brooke and Lucas beautifully. You are a very talented writer and I hope to see more works from you in the future. You honestly should consider, writing more Brucas fics, I think that they would do great on here!
2/18/2009 c1 1soapydreams
I liked it. and to brucasfan or whatever your name was, i found this to be perfect, exactly how i pictured lucas would do. and who cares if its long, its an important letter so why shouldnt it be long? good work i really liked it and i hope that you do more like this. great idea too!
2/18/2009 c1 6eskimokisses2
Okay, I thought this was really good. Not too long, not too short. I could honestly picture Lucas writing this, I mean he is a writer, so why wouldn't he? While right now in the show I don't think he would..sadly, I really enjoyed this. I always wondered if they were going to ever bring the letters back up again in the show, but so far nothing. Well, AWESOME job! And I look forward to reading more of your writing!
2/18/2009 c1 tehe
wow dude shit u shud like make one where peyton or brooke finds that
2/18/2009 c1 Long Live BRUCAS
That s was so sweet and sad. I had tear in my eyes.

If only it could be true.v I think he will always have feelingds for brooke no matter what. She was his FIRST real girlfreind and love and his first time was her. So he can and will never forget her.
2/17/2009 c1 611Ghostwriter
Hey, works for me. Catch ya on the flip side.
2/17/2009 c1 2alwaysRiverCourt
This is amazing! It's so sad that it's over between the two, but we can only dream. Great writing!
2/17/2009 c1 BrucasFan
I'm getting tired of all this Brucas. I am a Brucas fan myself but I got used to it and I think they're better off.

Btw, Lucas would never write such a long letter and most of all he wouldn't give Brooke the details of his relationship with Peyton. After all...he has to love Peyton on some level bc we had at least 4 seasons where the main idea was Lucas and Peyton. So...good job but, try and say more in a smaller number of words next time!

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