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for Once upon Omega?

9/11/2010 c2 Random
This is kind of cute. :) I like it.
12/20/2009 c4 7lunareclipse3
the chapters do not suck, i like it, it's very modern for monarchy times. *sob* now i wanna write a story where Max is royalty but i'll feel like such a scammer. anyway hope you get back to writing soon
10/7/2009 c3 1babiixilyx3
ok... weird chappie! :] lol update soon!
10/7/2009 c2 babiixilyx3
well... guessing would be a pointless thing right now wouldn't it? lol since u already updated. :]
10/7/2009 c1 babiixilyx3
sounds cool. :]
8/29/2009 c2 5SandKastles
Omg! Love it! jk. ITS ME! I mean u. no me, wait, confuzzled much. anyway nye!

Random. me-no u-no me...
5/29/2009 c1 hannah
it's really good but when i first read this before the 2nd chappie, i was not hooked on by the prologue. but after i read the next one, i was really into it!
5/22/2009 c1 hannah
it's really good! keep going!
4/27/2009 c2 4EnnaBurning
o more more more please
4/12/2009 c2 3Winged-Demigod
That's really good

I like it

Update soon please?
2/19/2009 c1 dibsonfang
thats kinda like a twist on cinderella its good though
2/18/2009 c1 4flockluva2039
that was good but weird...

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