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for You've Got Fanmail: Missing Scene

8/8/2011 c1 UsuiKei
aww ! this is so cute ! i wish this really happened .. you're cool :) keep it up ^^
4/24/2011 c1 39MusicChannySkyscraper
aw, how cute! i randomly decided to turn to the end of the SWAC story list thing - so glad i did! :D
3/30/2010 c1 18xxFrostedTeardropxx
so adorable! =D
6/29/2009 c1 7left-to-leave
Ah! SO good! I love that she cured his itchy cheeks. :)

The second portion is great - "Chad doesn't feel guilt," etc. I love how you write him.

"I've met five year olds less annoying than you."

That line was my favorite - made me giggle :) (And I may have to use it in real life, it's too good! lol)
6/12/2009 c1 4SparklingPC
love itt
5/27/2009 c1 23Kylie Robbins
Aww, now that's a sweet ending.

'Suddenly his cheeks weren't itchy anymore.' It's just so...CUTE!

And that's what they are on the show.


You just write the pure, unadulterated cuteness. 3

Your Channy fanfics are brightening my day.

4/4/2009 c1 11IGottaFindYou
Loved it. And "Late Nights" is awesome, too!
3/16/2009 c1 13Irrevocablyamanduh
I love this!
3/16/2009 c1 5OrigamiChick
That was adorable! I love Channy!
3/7/2009 c1 hungry neptune
hey this is so good! again, you have brilliant characterization cuz you dont make Chad all of a sudden nice like pretty much every other author..you know?

He's still Chad-an egotistical jerk who cares more for himself than pretty much anyone else.

Yet, you capture the show's way of handling his relationship with Sonny-sort of superior, yet reluctantly caring...i dunno, i couldn't capture it if i tried...but you do! Cause you're FABULOUS :D

-amy (rrainyddaze)
3/3/2009 c1 Anna
OMG that was so sweet! He is totally in love with Sonny but he is too much of an idiot to admit it! You know that there was a rumor going around that the episode that follows the next episode after this one, Chad and Sonny were actually GOING to kiss! Channy is my new fave couple!
2/28/2009 c1 CinaBina
aww i rly like this. the characterization is good, it totally sounds like Chad. Great job!
2/24/2009 c1 95LittleRedOne
This was great. I waited until I saw the episode to read it then the site got all screwy, but I'm glad I can read and review it now. It's cute. It's a nice look inside his head.

2/19/2009 c1 Make A Shadow
Aw, I liked that. Short but sweet. I really liked that episode...well, the Sonny/Eric parts and of course the Sonny/Chad parts.
2/19/2009 c1 kitten1596
i love this i was listing to poker face while reading this
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