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for It Is The Cause, My Soul

2/20/2009 c1 16Zatnikatel
This is just excellent my friend... so in character to have Sam introspective like this, and yo made me think about some things I hadn't considered.

I really like the way you present his common sense argument in favor the route he's taking... but always underneath is the subtext of blaming his brother and not taking responsibility for his actions... I'm alive because my brother made the deal, I suffered while we waited for him to die [which I don't doubt but to compare his own suffering to what his brother endured, well, there's just no comparison], I had to use my powers because he left me alone... to the extent of being jealous about the fact that Hell wanted his brother's soul more than his.

It's very clever how you thread these elements into what seems, on the surface, to be a very reasonable and rational self-justification when he actually does have choices, despite what he may want to think.

It all adds up to where Show!Sam is heading I think... desperately trying to kid himself that he is making good decisions and that everyone else is wrong. Great job.
2/19/2009 c1 96JenF
I loved this view of Sam. He's so alone in his predictament and, yes, a little bit darker than he used to be.

Very well written. You've really made me think about the workings of Sam's mind that we don't get to see that often. Thank you :)
2/19/2009 c1 3Darkest Water
this was a wonderful expression of sam's inner workings,

I really liked it :)

you're a talented author.
2/19/2009 c1 cozmikfaerie
excellent, awesome, heartbreakingly great! I can totally see this reaction from Sam. Loved this!
2/19/2009 c1 masondixon
A well-written dialogue of Sam's inner thoughts. And another example of how we all can see the same thing or hear the same words and yet view them and interpret them differently. Perhaps- just perhaps- it isn't "demon blood" that is in Sam. That's what the demons told him. But, coming from the idea that G-D controls every single thing in existence, perhaps it is not the hand of evil that touched him as a baby. Perhaps it is a hand of a much higher and stronger being.

Sam is very confused and he really has no guidance. Dean is not sure what Sam is capable of and he has been told by "angels" that Sam in walking the wrong path. But why would he be? Like Sam says in this story- he is a GOOD person. He has always had faith in the goodness of life and people and he has always fought against evil. So why would he be on the wrong path? Now this is a fiction story and Kripke is going where he is going with it. His ideas will be what comes out at the end of this story/series. So all of just just have to wait and see. But I think Sam is a strong and good person and I believe, that in the end, he and Dean will stick together and fight as one and use whatever strengths are give to them to do what must be done. Just my thoughts. Thanks for the story.

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