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2/17/2010 c1 19IceSnowAndGlamour
I like how you portray this...somehow I never thought about how the Animagus charm finally worked. Somehow I can see Sirius not telling Remus beforehand...

Oh yeah, and I did read this as preslash 8D

Nice story :)
8/25/2009 c1 41outwittingsquirrels
Awh I really like this, Sirius is so cute in it :) and yeah, I was so reading it as a pre-slash fic ;)
2/20/2009 c1 42Bottlebrush
I do love this version of Sirius, so pleased with himself for pulling off this bit of advanced and illegal magic, and not caring that he got himself clawed, because he did it to help Moony.

“Sirius’s eyes were twinkling above him like the boy had just enacted the greatest scheme of his young life.”

and – “Sirius grinned again. He glittered all over.” That’s really good writing.

I think this too, that the three Marauders kept their plan secret from Remus until they’d succeeded in it. And it’s such a nice touch that Sirius was there, even though Remus woke up so early that James and Peter were still sleeping. They all care, but Sirius cares most.
2/20/2009 c1 Evildevilangel
*smiles!* I like this Remus-who-doesn't-remember-the-night-when-he-wakes-up thing. I like it rather too much, but I suppose that is better than liking it just enough because it makes me put needless exclamation marks and I know how you yearn for those.

Also, Remus should learn to deal with the little cuts and scrapes associated with Siriusly life. It will save his poor heart and face and whatnot.
2/20/2009 c1 TwistedLime
*does the first review dance* Woot!

I loved this. It was well-written, and the ambiguity with the slash was perfect. I was thinking, "Hmm...what's up with these two? Nah, they're just friends." I'm not wild about slash (particularly not Remus/Sirius), but if someone wanted it to be slash, it could've been. I've found that a very hard thing to do, making a story please everyone like that. Hats off to ya! I loved the fact that it showed Sirius as such a great friend to Remus; so often I just see the two of them as being friends with James but not each other. Sirius giving Remus the chocolate at the end was a great touch. It was sweet without being fluffy. I loved the entire thing!


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