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1/19/2010 c22 8SilverShadow65
That was a great ending!

Can't wait for your next story...

1/19/2010 c22 3starlight2twilight
WOOT WOOT FOR THE END! CONGRATS! :) Great story, bb! And your writing has matured and I love it. COngrats, congrats :)

..however, the whole "witch's tit" comment.. my mom says that. And then Logan was replaced with my mom in the story in my mind and it was great. I laughed. A lot. But I am waiting for the next story!

And poor Logan. I bet he's all bent up because they had to hide it from him.. and more importantly, he didn't get to give Rogue away. She's the closest thing he has to a daughter. Poor Logan.
1/18/2010 c22 4Prince Gohan
Great story. I like how you showed all the diffrent sides of Remy and Rouge and i can't wait to read the sequal.

until then,

Remy A.L
1/18/2010 c22 sammy j
loved the story very much
1/18/2010 c22 Aerobar
Loyal reader.

It was great, thanks so much!
1/18/2010 c22 1Nightshade X
Congratulations on seeing the story through until the end. I think I've actually been reading from the beginning, or at least it was the first chapter that really stuck with me back when I found it- whenever that was- early last year.

That said, I suppose it's a given that I say my favorite moment was in that first chapter. Rem's talk with Xavier. I suppose it was because it was close to something I went through. I remember that relief of knowing that it was okay, normal, to not know what you wanted to do with your life.

I really enjoyed Rem's mindset through the whole story. The culture shock he goes through in the story made for an interesting read.

If there was one thing that bugged me, it's not really so much to do with the story, but a concept I'll never have an easy time adapting to. Rogue made a comment about Remy having a crush on Storm- I guess I'm just not one that easily adapts outside of the norm, but seeing that mentioned makes me think of people wanting to pair Rogue up with the guy that's practically her father, you know?

Don't get me wrong, this is just a bit of an unrelated rant sparked by one random line- it didn't effect m' judgment on the story at all, I enjoyed reading the piece, I look forward to the sequel, I hope you see it through... but as you can tell that idea just never sits well with me. I think it's out of my system now though, heh.

As I said, congrats on finishing the story and good luck on the next piece (and whatever else you decide to do, of course).
1/18/2010 c22 3ExemplaryRadiation
that was a great story
1/18/2010 c22 19Kaze no Ato
Since you asked so sweet-like to know how many loyal readers you had, I'm adding my name to the pot. I'm a full-time college student, so I try to squeeze in reading but don't always get the chance to review as often as I'd like. Lookin' forward to the sequel, love.

1/18/2010 c22 shadowhawk
loyal and anonymus reader. sorry for not reviewing earlier... i have to say that swimming in october was my favorite chapter. because i would be stupid and do the same exact thing if i had a private pool. but i don't. i loved the whole thing.
1/18/2010 c22 ebfulham
I'm relatively new to the x-men evo fandom, and this was not only one of the first fics I read in the genre, but consistently one of my favorites; the kind where you drop everything else when the notice of a new chapter arrives in your inbox. ^_^

Anyway, there were too many good one-liners and chapters to denote a favorite, they were all my favorites! I'm so excited about the sequel, and am really looking forward to it!

Can't wait,

1/18/2010 c22 4TimeArtist
totally love this story and its ending. I can't wait until the sequal comes out. i know that it'll be just as good, if not better than this story. and remember, always have fun with your stories. if you don't enjoy them, how are we. XOXO
1/18/2010 c22 26Hylander McLeod
"it's been consumated" ...?

watched the Other Boelyn Girl a bit too much have we? (ya kinda cheesy but it still sets a comparison). A spur of the moment marriage at City Hall. Though the whole solo thing, not having an audience, just them two is almost expected of their behavior. This one was good, along with a few other ones (I forget the chapter names so i'm not gonna name 'em now).

keep up the good work
1/18/2010 c22 Pawn'sVictory
You wanna find all your lurking readers, huh?

I'm one, lol.

Your story is amazing and extremely emotional. Really tugs at me.

I really like how you covered Rogue's graduation and Remy's response, or maybe collapse over the event.

I was very glad I was alone when I hit the chapter about Jean-Luc. So very very glad I didn't have to explain tears over a fanfic to my family. :shudder:

A great story and a very fun read. :D
1/18/2010 c22 19Crazed Fuzzle
A great ending to a great fanfic! I laughed out loud when Rogue decided it was necessary to clarify their reasons for getting married. I'm glad that you didn't have the resolution with Logan, and that Kurt was a little unhappy; the ending would have been just a little bit too fairytale otherwise. This, however, is wonderful. I'll be looking forward to the sequel!
1/18/2010 c22 1Laceylou76
I'm gonna start with your requests of favorite chapters. These are in the order of which they were posted by you, and in no way in order of least/best favorite to best/least favorite. They are:

2-Swimming in October- This one hit me hard due to the conversation of the two of them over the phone when Remy called to tell her he was at his own bachelor party. It ended on a sad note for both of them, and I still cry when I read that scene from time to time! (Yes, I go back and read chapters! Sue me... You're just that good)

4-There's nothing like a family-To see more into Remy's family and what went down with him and Jean Luc! Plus it's when we all started hoping Remy got his dog, too! :D

5-Control- Loved his thing with Logan in it and he finally opened up to Rogue about his past. It was also the chapter with their first kiss!

6,7,8, & 9-I love good Romy drama, and these four chapters certainately had just that... Lot o' drama!

11-Unexpected Guests- We get to see Henri and when he left it was so sad to see how hard it was for Remy to see his brother go!

14, 15 and 21 have got to be the hardest and strongest of all of them where I had to physically pick my self off the couch several times to just breathe before going back! and reading more. The were written with such emotion, that I couldn't handle the emotions or the physical symptoms that I suffered from while reading them. The feelimgs, I experienced was almost addicting which was scary, because I love angst, but each chapter after those, I wa hoping to fell thaose emotions again, like I needed a fix of Romy angst! There's no drug to get me over that addiction either! lol

Now on to this chapter here! Oh my gosh, they got married! I didn't see that coming at all, I mean I did, but not in this chapter. I expected, if anything, an engagement once Rogue started in on Jean and Scott, but not an actual marriage. The only thing i wish I'd seen, which I'm sure will be in the sequel is Rogue and Logan's interaction and talk after these events. Him closing the door after Remy seeing a look of hurt on his features was really hard. The man sees her as his daughter, and I'm sure the lack of understanding on her part really hurt him. I'm hoping these two come to an understanding, and soon!

Their first time together was really nice. Granted it wasn't great sex in Remy's mind, but for the first time he was experiencing the emotional side of what making love was, and that's what Logan had tried to make him understand after seeing them in the kitchen. Obviously it was pretty damn good since he basically dog piled her the moment she walked into "their" room! The dog did, too! hehe

I so can't wait for the sequel, and I will be anxiously waiting for it to show up on the page as I patiently... ah hell, I son't wait patiently, I want an update really really fast! :D

This was the best, I'm gonna miss seeing Normal updates but it just means that there is another great story on the horizon... with a PLOT of all things to! :D Awesome writing, awesome review replies, and awesome ... everything!

Give yo'self a pat on de back, Chere! Remy tinks dat if anyone deserves a good ol' pat on de back fo' writin' such beautiful moments 'tween mon Rogue and moi, it be you, non?

See ya in de next sequel, Lizzie, Remy be waitin' fo' it!

How can you deny that Cajun a quick update, huh? Give the man what he wants! hehe
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