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1/18/2010 c22 2Fostersb
I am so glad they got married and that there will be a sequel. I know that there will be drama (based on the ideas brought up in the future chapter), but I am so happy to know that they are still married years later.

I especially loved your note to "Sleepless in Seattle" with the home quote. I love that movie! This really is one of my favorite stories ever, so well thought out and well written.
1/18/2010 c22 turtlerelay
you ask you shall receive...

loyal reader here :) Loyal reader too lazy to log in :P

good work, look forward to the sequal.
1/18/2010 c22 25CurrentlyIncognito
felt a bit rushed. but lovely as always. ^^ been a fun read. thanks for the updates!
1/18/2010 c22 ChrissyKP
*sigh* So romantic. Not much else to say.
1/18/2010 c22 7Lady MR1
*comes out of closet* Loved the story! Very good Remy characterization. Congrats on finishing =P *disappears into obscurity*
1/18/2010 c22 3Babydex
I can't remember exactly what chapter it was that I started reading this story, but i wanna say it was before ten. I don't know, that's just me estimating. Anyways, I loved this story for its realisticness. It didn't have too much of the action/adventure, but I loved that. My favorite chapter would have to be twenty-one because as much as I hate how Rogue acted (I hate bitch-Rogue stories), I loved the insight into Remy's family life. Anyways, Kudos for the good story, I shall be waiting for the sequel.
1/18/2010 c22 Valnar
So yeah, I haven't exactly been what you would call a faithful reviewer (especially since all my reviews consisted of two words xD), but be assured your story had me hitched from the beginning. You never seemed to have any problems finding something new and exciting for Rogue and Remy to write about. Everything seemed to just float into place effortlessly, like it was a boat trip, with some pretty exciting waves, always followed by smooth and soothing sea to relax before the next adventurous swell. So yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel. Until then:

*enthusiastic backflip*
1/18/2010 c22 2Anna Marcia Gregorio
loyal reviewer.

I look forward to reading" the dance we do" when it comes about.

Catch ya next story.
1/18/2010 c22 21paper.creations

I miss it already! Loved the contrast between Scott and Jean and Remy and Rogue. One proposed proposing and the other went out, got married, had their honeymoon and moved in together.

And I loved how you tied in the 'normal' theme to the last chapter in the wedding. Where Rogue was all worried that it wasn't normal, etc. And I quite enjoyed how, in the first chapter, the entire thing was about how normal Remy wished to be, and in this, there's hardly any mention about it from Remy. Seems like he's not too hung up about it anymore :)

Favorite chapter...

That's easy. Although I can't remember which number it is, the chapter I'll hold near and dear to my heart is most definitely the one where Remy plays the piano in the mansion's attic. Gosh, I'm misting up just thinking about it. It had to be the best executed, most heart-wrenching thing I'd ever read. Actually, after I finished reading it, I scrambled to tell my friend to read it, because it was just so god damn amazing.

My second favorite is when Remy got his dog. And he's just like, are you not okay with a gay dog, Rogue? It was so amazing to see that he finally got what he'd always dreamed of.

The third favorite is probably the one where Kitty and Rogue take Remy to the mall and he embarrasses Kitty by stealing something, cause he just can't help himself.

And the fourth has GOT to be the last chapter, the one with Jean Luc dying (sob) and the Logan-Remy interaction and the fact that he was forgiven and the huge emotional roller coaster it put us on.

To put it short, the whole thing was bloody amazing, and I'm sad to see it end. And the last line of the whole thing? Fantastic :)

-squeals- Sequel! Stoked. I will be eagerly awaiting your return, and cannot wait for the next adventure you have in store for us!

Go on ahead and reward yourself with that sundae :D

Loved it! Loyal reader,

1/18/2010 c22 22xXNevermoreAgainXx
Aw, its over! But sequel! With a plot! OMG NO WAY! XD

I loved this story beyond all reason. I wish I could tell you my fav chapters, but the truth is all of them! This story was so well rounded with fluff, humor, angst, hurt/comfort, and drama. I just have no words to tell you how much I love this story! I wish I did!

I can't wait to read more from you. You really are an amazing writer and I hope to see more awesomness in the future.

And about the last chapter, I couldn't think of a better way to end it. It was so cute and I loved what Rogue said about not being pregnant to the Clerk guy XD That totally is what she would do.

I love the whole thing because that seems like how the two of them would go about their wedding. However, now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens in the sequel!

I absolutly cannot wait to read more from you. Reading this story has been the best. I only wish I had found it sooner. Hopefully in your next story I can be one of your loyal reviewers.

As always, I say what I do for every story I review:

Write on!

1/18/2010 c22 75Chellerbelle
A wonderful ending. I love how they eloped, and Rogue's minor freak out at City Hall was funny. I also adored Logan's reaction to the whole thing.

I'm not really sure I could pick a favourite chapter, but some of the scenes that have stood out in my mind were:

#1, Prof X listening to Remy play the piano, and the whole abuse fiasco starting with Remy beating the snot out of the sim in the DR.

#2, Rogue and Remy kissing when she first started trying to control her mutation and Remy deciding he must be dead or dreaming because he wasn't being absorbed, hehehe.

#3, Remy's insistence on getting a dog, all the way from Thanksgiving to when he finally got David.

#4, Remy cheating on Rogue with the random girl at the bar (even if he did back out at the last minute).

#5, Jean-Luc's death, funeral, etc.

This was an amazing story, and I loved every word of it. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.
1/18/2010 c22 Guest
This is it. The last one. I can't believe this story will finally be over (even if there is a sequel). Wow. Well, without further ado, let's get on with the final rant of this story (wow, still shocked)...

“Engaged ta be engaged. That’s just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”-I concur, what the hell does that even mean?

Simply put, he informed her that he loved her and planned on proposing - after he graduated from college, that is.-Are you freaken kidding me? How unromantic!

She was unconsciously ignoring his unspoken request for a head rub, and he was hoping she would figure it out, soon.-Oh my sweet, sweet ROMY. You beat out JOTT and all other couples any day!

He chuckled lightly as he smiled up at her. She was unbelievably cute when she got worked up over something.-Over nothing you mean! It's not like it so directly affects her...not yet anyway ;)

“Now, Chérie,” he began mischievously, “y’ sure all dis ain’t just jealousy?”-Kinda sounds that way doesn't it? Hehe.

“Ya promised when I told ya ‘bout Scott that ya wouldn’t make fun o’ me!” she practically shouted. “I don’t go teasin’ you about yer old crush on Storm, now do I?”-Oh, so not the type of jealousy I thought Remy meant.

“Oh yeah, that sounds just like me, doesn’t it? Honestly, the idea of a big, white wedding is like a nightmare. If I was gonna get married, I’d elope. Go ta City Hall and stand in front of a clerk. Or Vegas. Do some gamblin’ an’ get hitched in a quick little weekend getaway.”-Oh my gosh, I think I love Rogue now more than ever. That is SO my ideal way to get married. Let's spend all the money on the honeymoon or as a down payment on a house. :D

“I mean, people are always saying ‘this is the start of our lives together’ and ‘marriage changes everything’, but isn’t the reason people wanna get married in the first place because they like the relationship they have, and want ta make it last forever?”-Wow Rogue, words of wisdom indeed!

In a moment, a not-so-dramatic moment, her words stirred something in him. A small smile played at his lips, the decision made as soon as he thought it.-Oh, OH!

He sat up fully on the bed. “I like da relationship we have. I want it t’ last forever.” He looked her straight in the eyes. “I wanna make it official, take a vow t’ stay together, and start gettin’ dose tax breaks.”-EEP! OH OH OH!

She swallowed. “Yeah, I do.”-YES! E!

“Whet’er it happens today, or tomorrow, or forty years from now, I don’ care; I wanna marry y’. And even if we never got married, I wouldn’t care ‘bout dat eit’er as long as I still got t’ be wit’ you. But if goin’ down t’ City Hall and signin’ some papers would mean I could guarantee y’ in m’ arms f’ da rest o’ my life, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’d do it right now.”-Oh my gosh, you are turning me into the biggest sap...okay fine I already was one! Sheesh! No need to give me that incredulous look!

“Chère, run wit’ me.”-Oh my gosh. That was the sweetest proposal ever. And so original too!

“Yes.”-YES! I actually squealed at that! Like out loud, like a moron and everything.

Remy had rolled his eyes. It was good thing they were doing this thing the next day, because pretty soon, Rogue was going to crack.-Of course she was going to crack! She's marrying the most amazing Cajun there ever was! I know I'd be anxious too if I were her!

They were being obnoxiously affection it, he realized. He didn’t care. They were getting married, and he felt just so damn good.-I'm smiling like such a damn fool right now.

Rogue’s eyes shot to Remy. He looked back at her wide-eyed. “Merde.”-Haha! I knew that. I was actually waiting for that to come up. My parents go married in a similar way in the city hall of my childhood town. And my uncle played witness.

“I’m not pregnant,” Rogue repeated. She paused. “And I’m not drunk, either.”-Haha! I knew she'd want to clear something like that up, I just didn't expect her to.

Only a short, two-minute ceremony later, and they were married. They left City Hall in a flurry of passionate kisses, whisking away on his motorcycle for a short trip uptown to the Ritz-Carlton at Central Park, where their honeymoon suite awaited.-O! Time for the consummation! Alright! lol

If he was completely honest, as far as sheer physical pleasure goes, it wasn’t the best he’d ever had. But in all fairness, Rogue was a virgin, and he’d had some crazy sex in his short lifetime. But in the end, that slight physical awkwardness didn’t really matter all that much.-Oh good, so it wasn't bad.

There were no flowers, no champagne, no music or candles. Just the two of them, locked together in an empathetic bond that seemed to take over and encompass everything. Yeah, it was intense. He didn’t even realize until after it was finished, when Rogue reached up to wipe the tears from his eyes as he hovered over her still, that he’d been crying.-Wow. Still sounds oh so wonderful. Not many people can say they have a physical and emotional bond like that.

She paused, biting her lip before she spoke, the hesitancy apparent in her voice. “Did we make a mistake here?”-Oh god Rogue, you choose NOW of all times to ask that question?

“Did ya know I haven’t been tryin’ ta control my mutation?”-Because with Remy it's all just coming so naturally.

That shit-storm they had anticipated? Yeah, it was waiting for them, and with its enhanced senses, it heard their motorcycle coming before it reached the front gate.-Aww, they're coming from their wedding to meet their undertaker and then funerals! lol

“Gettin’ married.”-Holy hell! Talk about direct! Rogue was definitely blunt with her answer.

Logan ignored her, turning his head towards the Professor. “Chuck, call that lawyer of yours and have him start workin’ up some annulment papers.”-Uh oh, seems like logical and caring Logan of both Rogue and Remy is gone only to be replaced by psycho and not-thinking-clearly Wolverine.

“It’s been consummated.”-Oh my god, Rogue is trying to become the fastest widow in history!

Remy couldn’t help but think that, for that moment, Logan had looked almost… hurt.-Of course Logan was hurt. His little girl got married and she didn't see it fit for him to be a part of something so special and important in her life. Not to mention she just added salt to his wounds. You know?

“Rogue LeBeau…” he teased. He smirked as she continued to stare him down. She really was cute when her temper got all fired up.-Oh my gosh, I totally forgot that she's a LeBeau now! Oh wow. Nice.

“Is this really gonna make you happy?”-Oh Rogue, of course it will.

“Dis makes me happy.” He kissed her.-Yes, it most certainly does.

Wow. It's the end. I can't believe it. You did it. Congratulations! You rock! As for my favorite chapters, I'd have to say it was the last chapter and this one. They were just so good. We got Remy dealing with more in his life than we ever thought possible and then we had a marriage in this one! So good. I'm sad that it'll be a while before we see the sequel up, but I'm also really excited for it because I just absolutely KNOW that it will be beyond amazing. And I also need to know how things work out with Rogue and Logan since we never really found out in this story. Until The Dance We Do my dearest...

Ever loyal and crazy fan,

1/18/2010 c22 Shannon-nii
Loyal Reader and hopefully loyal reader of your sequel. You rock :)
1/18/2010 c22 Damion Knight
Thank you for writing a wonderfully entertaining story, I am one of your loyal readers, but rarely do I have time to review, I know I know it takes a few seconds but I usually wait until the end of a story anyway. Looking froward to the squeal.
1/17/2010 c15 12Innocence is Beautiful
Wow! Im practically speechless. Surprisingly two chapters earlier i was laughing so hard inside my head my cranium hurt and now i feel like crying. I'm seriously tearing up at the moment. The weird thing about this story is that its way more visual then most of the stories i read. I could actually see Rogue crying as she held the love of her life with Xavier watching from the background. This story just reels in my attention with the first sentences and i have to say you are completely amazing. I barely known you but you made me laugh, cry, and angry in one day. Not even my bestest friend can do that. Then you still have the idea that you have to beg for reviews... which you shouldn't. If someone actually reads this story and doesn't even bother pressing that review button that would be very encouraging for the author then screw them. Because their head must be suffering from mental disorders or just to many hits. I really like this story and i can't wait to finish it but at the same time i do not want it to end. Thanks to you i have completely fallen in love with swamp rat! Sure he made some huge mistakes but seriuosly the dudes life has been fucked up all the time and at first it wasn't because of him but other people who only set out to use him. At least now he's fucking up his own life... which still isn't very good but an improvement none the less. He still has his past to blame but at least all his hatred isn't directed in one direction because that would be horrible and slightly tragic... ell completely tragic. But besides his painful and even more agonizing to hear about past he's also playful, sweet, kind, hot, and a good fighter... not to mention he has to be good in bed... not that i'm fantasizing about him or anything. I'll leave it to Rogue to imgaine them doing it like rabbit. Hahaha sorry but that part was unbelievably funny. Okay it's two in the morning so ima read atleast two more chapters then hit the hay(bed). Hope this review wasn't too long becuase some people have short attention spans so usually i try to keep these things short and sweet! so BYE
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