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1/11/2010 c21 22Heavenmetal
I will PM you my review.
1/11/2010 c21 33But Friends Make Secrets
Aw, poor Remy! This chapter was so sweet! And I'm glad that Remy and Rogue only fought and then made up. I don't think I could handle another break-up between them.

I read that there was only one chapter left, and I was like "NO!" But then I read 'sequel'. :D Were you serious about that? It's cool either way, cause this story has been amazing, but if there was a sequel... I might cry.

Well, congrats on another amazing chapter and I can't wait for the LAST PART!

1/11/2010 c21 13Irual
at this point my dear young author there is only one thing to say


and I bow before you and wish my stuff was this good. Unfortunately it isn't, it IS usually this long, but not this good.

Bravo and thank you

1/11/2010 c21 75Chellerbelle
Possibly I should feel bad for laughing at Remy crying... but I'm laughing at Remy crying. So sweet!

Ep! Jean-Luc is dead! At least Remy gets to go to the funeral.

Whoa! Remy's projecting. That's awesome and really freaky all at the same time.


Lapin’s eyes widened. “Ooh. Shiny.”

and especially:

“Hey,” Lapin called out as he sat down in the driver’s seat, “you’ll be jealous o’ hommes like moi when y’ old an’ wrinkly an’ I’m still gettin’ carded at da bar.”

Logan grunted, begrudgingly getting into the car. “I can guarantee that will never happen.”

And I love Logan calling Henri "Big Gumbo" hehehehe. And Henri's response every time someone calls him "Guild-master"

Oh dear, now Remy's plotting to teach Elle bad words, hahaha. I LOVE him with his niece! So cute :D


“Uh uh, no way. Until their x-gene manifests, I don’t touch ‘em.”

Ep! Remy's exile's lifted! *does a happy dance*. And WoW Remy inherited a few interesting things, as did Rogue.

Stupid Rogue, answering the phone like that. Meh.

I like Henri's plot to make Mercy squirm, hehehe. I also like his conversation with Remy :D

Oh good. Remy got to tell Rogue off but they eventually made up. Yay :D

Awesome chapter! I'm sorry to hear it's almost over though :(
1/11/2010 c21 2Fostersb
That was an awesome chapter, it had everything: sadness, humor, love, anguish, anger. I was so upset at Rogue, not for going away, but for the way she had treated Remy. But it is a good thing that they are both forgiving. I can't wait to see the end- tough based on a certain past chapter, we do know what will happen in the future.
1/8/2010 c20 1Dixyblonderebel
This whole story was amazing! You did so well with everyone and they are exactly as I would picture them in my mind when I was reading. I loved that you got the accents in there, but me being southern...you have to get the accents right for me to even read it! I never thought of Remy being so remorseful about his past, but hence you being as creative as you are really brought out another side to his character that I have yet to see any other author bring out. I thank you so much for that and I look forward to the next story that you do! I wouldn't change anything in this, it's just too good and I love the part about his son having his eyes. It gives a whole new meaning to another chance! His life won't be as Remy's was, I am assured of that. Wolverine was awesome too. I always thought of them being more of enemies, but you making them more of a uneasy friendship was awesome. I always knew that Logan had a soft spot for Gambit because of his love for Rogue. Keep up the good work!
12/30/2009 c20 67Indecisively Yours
I'm horrible at reviewing, too...and it took me quite a while to actually finish reading this.

But it was awesome! I love how you show all these sides to Remy, especially the vulnerable side that we don't see that often.

It was great! It was awesome! I hope you update soon!

12/28/2009 c20 silver meerkat
aw, very cute. I'm back from my avatar kick. I'll admit you had me worried with the metions a sequel combined with this chapter title, I thought it was the end of normal. lol, I still can't believe he got a dog, the system actually works. I enjoyed kitty's shoutout toward home by using a joliet prison (yeah, I missed a lot of chapters) I'm acutally from the chicago land area, so midwest referrences are always bleeping golden and make me smile. I'm definately curious what the next chapter contains, since this past one jumped ahead a little. oh, and I did appreciate your realism when describing the catholic church. (my family attends church pretty regularly, but I really don't attend too often any more). I'm still in shock that xavier broke down with what, maybe a year tops of effort on remy's part.
12/27/2009 c20 Hawaiichick
Oh! Remy a father! And twins, no less. Can't wait to see the havoc they will create together (especially when the kids get older). :)
12/25/2009 c20 2cartoonfire
Okay, just to be clear, this chapter is the future of the story we've been reading. It's connected to "Normal" and is the future of "Normal", right?

Loved how Remy was panicky. It fits his character totally.

I loved the scene when Remy saw the color of his son's eyes. It was so powerful and you could really feel the emotion there. That is one of your best scenes ever, if not the best. I just love how Remy was heavy affected by his son's eyes, his reaction, beautifully written and it made me want to cry. I really felt his sadness there.

I thought it was cute how the son got Gambit's eyes and the daughter Rogue's eyes. I also thought it was cute how he named the daughter and Rogue named the son.

Hey, I know this is totally wrong of me to say but um... how 'bout a lil' spin off of the kids. Nothing big, just a lil' chapter about Olivier and Aveline. Reading this, I just got the cutest idea of how maybe Aveline could be jealous of her brother of having "daddy's eyes" and how she wants "daddy's eyes". Just a thought. Maybe you'll consider, maybe you won't, it's cool either way... Pst, please consider it ;)

I liked how Remy was so scared of holding his own son.

“Rogue would kill m’ if I broke ‘im.” - that line had me laughing :) It was so cute.

I love the connected Remy made with his son when he was holding him. Very powerful scene, very adorable too. I can just picture Remy holding his baby boy.

"...I don’ know what da hell ‘m doin’, but I’m gonna try.” - That is such a Remy thing to say, lol. So adorable :)

This is an awesome chapter ^_^

Speaking of this chapter, omg, I got SO scared when I read the title. So glad this isn't the end, I was 'bout ready to cry.
12/25/2009 c19 cartoonfire
Remy LeBeau was getting a dog. - When I read that first line I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I was at the wrong story or something. But surprise surprise it's real. Remy LeBeau was getting a dog...


Omg, this is like the perfect chapter. I'm serious, this is like the best chapter EVER! Remy gets a dog, he gets to make out with Rogue, and he passed his GE-freakin'-D! Woo! Awesomeness all around. And wouldn't you know it, I'm reading this chapter today and it's Christmas. :) Thanks for the present Lizzieturbo, I love it :)

Aw, that was so nice of the younger mutants to throw Remy and party and get him a collar for his brand new dog! I can't believe it, yay! :)

I loved the part with Remy going on and on about the bow, that was funny.

Remy was so cute when he was at the dog shelter. He was like a little kid :)

Oh, I just loved the part when the lady said "you could take home a pack of dogs" and Remy's ears perked up. That was so cute and funny. And then Rogue said "Remy, no!" Lol, it was like she was yelling at a child or something.

That connection Remy made with his dog was amazing. I liked how the two of them just locked eyes and couldn't look away from each other. It was hypnotizing.

David LeBeau. David... Not the greatest dog name out there but who cares. Remy got a dog! A real dog! :)

Omg, the conversation about David had me rolling with laughter. It was more funny than that time Remy and Logan had a talk about sporks! LOL!

“Rogue, da dog is clearly gay.” - And he said that so seriously too, omg, wow! Lol! Best line ever!

Ever since watching that one episode of South Park with Stan's dog Sparky I've always wondered if animals could be gay.

“Besides, I saw him sniffin’ some dog’s butt back at da shelter.”

She scoffed. “Remy, all dogs do that.”

- ...my dog doesn't do that.

Yup, guess that means David really is gay, lol.

Omg, I laughed so hard when Remy accused Rogue of having a problem with homosexuals.

The part with Remy sleeping with David was so funny. Aw man... No more Remy sleeping naked :( And I did enjoy it very much, especially that one time when Kitty walked in. That was funny.

Oh, Remy is lucky. When my puppy first came home, I put him on the bed to sleep with me, but instead of sleeping at my feet he kept coming up and sleeping right next to my face. Omg, lol, it was so weird but cute.

The part when David licked Remy was so funny. Remy just seemed so shocked and grossed out, really funny.

When Ashley Lee asked Remy about nicknames I was sure he was gonna say Gambit, or something about him being 'Sexy'.

At first she really creeped me out, asking about 'codenames' and 'unusual talents'. For a moment there I thought she was gonna cause trouble and start acting all evil, especially when she asked him if he was mutant. I thought she was gonna be a mutant hater.

I was so relieved when she actually turned out to be really cool and nice and Jubilee's aunt. That made me relax in my seat.

“Now, I’m guessing by the glasses that you’re the boy who shoots lasers out of his eyes.” - Oh no she didn't! Oh no, that's it, the earrings are coming off and the boxing gloves are coming on. I'm about to mess this chick up. Nobody insults my Gambit! Nobody!

I love Gambit's demon eyes. I don't think their demon eyes, but whatever, his eyes make him look so damn attractive.

“Hot boy who makes the good pizza!” - Perfect. Just perfect. :)

Life, right now, was looking pretty damn good. - About damn time! Gambit deserves a break.

Lol, loved the part when Rogue was struggling with David.

Ouch, my poor Gambit! Let me see your hand so I can kiss it better.

“I know, boy, but ya gotta stay back. Yer Daddy’s a big-time Chef now, ya gotta respect that.” - Rogue talking to the dog and calling Gambit a daddy was just, I don't know, it's weird coming from her but I like it alot :)

Omg, Jamie is so cute. I love how he calls Gambit 'Mr.Remy'. And I am so glad that he took David off Rogue's hands because that next scene was just so fantastic! Omg, awesome. One of the best scenes ever! Definitly one of my favorites.

I liked how Rogue came up behind him and hugged him and how he sorta gave her a cooking lesson. Them in the kitchen together, woo, just makes things seem so steamy and hot. :) I love it. And wowy wow wow, things were really heating up there. I couldn't believe it. I remember when one kiss knocked Gambit out, but look at where they are now. Good for them, I'm glad they're able to touch now. I just hope they don't rush into anything they are not ready for, the two of them are really sensitive and can be easily hurt.

In a way I'm almost glad Logan walked in when he did. Sure I wouldn't have complained if they went full speed ahead, but I'm sorta thankful they didn't. I mean, to have done it there at that time in the kitchen, it just doesn't seem right in a way. I don't know... I mean it'll be Rogue's first time and Gambit's first time doing the deed while actually being in love, I wouldn't want them to just do it in the kitchen where anyone could walk in, which is a high possiblity since Logan walked in. I just want their first time to be a little bit more special. And in a more private area.

Oh dear lord when Logan walked in I literally thought Gambit was gonna die. I really did think Logan was gonna kill him. Hell I thought he was gonna start hollerin' at Rogue too.

... He was surprisingly cool about the whole thing actually, compared to how he could have reacted.

I like the advice he gave Gambit, and I'm glad Remy took it.

But most importantly, of course, he was Remy LeBeau… and he had a dog. - Great ending ^_^

Loved this chapter! ^_^
12/23/2009 c20 DidGyre
I think that The End is the perfect title for this chapter, after all a baby's birth is the end of a lot of things. I bet that the next chapter is the beginning of college.

12/23/2009 c20 Cybernetic Mango
-epichappyface- BABIES!

It's great to read about them...But actually being around them is crap. ._.

Olivier and Aveline will begin to show their powas!
12/23/2009 c20 ChrissyKP
*squee!* Papa Remy is so cute. It amuses me greatly when people express concern about "breaking" the baby.
12/23/2009 c20 12Dark Duchess and Shadow Queen
Cute! I love babies! :) Don't we all though? I like how Remy went through the basic father reaction: They're not attached until the baby is born. Poor thing didn't really get that "Babies are work and fatherhood's scary." beforehand. But when he holds him in his arms, he forms that bond. This is a special moment and you really captured it. :)
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