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10/27/2009 c17 10pennylane87
beautiful! I love the way you used Kurt in this chapter, I've always liked him and it was kind of nice seeing him bonding with Remy, after all he's his sister's boyfriend. As usual you write Rogue and Remy great, quite different from all the romys around but amazing, I love the way you write them, is so personal and pretty unique! Great job girl :D
10/27/2009 c17 15New Dawn Rising
Usually I read the humorous ones, but tonight I decided to read this one. It's pretty good! :) I agree with you, Chellerbelle's works are unparalleled in that genre! XD I love her stuff so far. Especially the parodies. Have you read her latest one "How the Mighty Have Fallen"? It is under the X-Men movie category and it is funny so far. Anyhoo, I can't wait for you to update this one. I love the ROMYness!
10/26/2009 c16 12Randirogue
This is why it was good that I didn't review this chapter when I first read it. If I had, I wouldn't be able to add this little tidbit regarding chapter 17 that I left out of THAT review.

Wolverine comforting Gambit in the medlab was seriously awesome. It wasn't saccharine, but appropriately masculine for Wolvie, and obviously so heart breaking for Remy... but still...

I don't know if you know much about the older comics nor to what extent, but... Illyana, Piotr's little sis, had a fuzzy elf doll/plushie that was essentially a duplicate of a swashbuckling Nightcrawler. My memory isn't doing me justice because I can't remember if it was Kitty's first, or if Kitty made it for Illyana, or some other contortion betwixt Kitty, teenaged Illyana, Demon Illyana, and regressed-back-into-a-child Illyana.


Someone needs to make Remy a Wolvie doll to protect him from his nightmares.

tee hee.
10/26/2009 c17 Randirogue


So, my excuse for last chapter is this. I read it on my phone while in a waiting room. No time to review then, so I figured I'd do it later. Well, later came and went, and here we are: me, with THE GUILT!


But, I loved last chapter. You won me over with the slow redemption/realization/emotional healing thing with Remy vs. my whole "more dysfunction to become functioning" theory. Dag nabbit. You just tell it so well!

I loved when Remy was all "my girlfriend apologized to me after I told her I almost cheated on her" bit. So well done.

I got giddy for the music bit. Moonlight Sonata. That's the song I make my hubby play when I try to show off his hawt piano skills. Granted, he only remembers the first thirty bars or so (with both hands at least), but still, its so hauntingly beautiful. Piano's not his best instrument, and certainly not his most fluent, but it always seems to impress people, and I like to show him off. So, the usage of that piece had an additional oomph for me in that last chapter. Excellent choice.

Also got giddy over the question game. It actually sent me on another round of rereading SLH's story. I even sent her more emails begging her to fulfill her promise to me to update, and do the sequel to "New Addition." I didn't even get a reply this time, though. So Sad. (Bit of trivia. Sophie was the first or second person I ever IMed with. She was the first person I interacted with outside of the review section of the site... hey, I never said it was USEFUL trivia. :P).

ALSO giddy-worthy... Jordan Catalano... OMG! You are so my generation. lol. Or at least close enough to it. My foray into X-Men was seriously close in timing with my foray into My So Called Life and secret crush on Jordan Catalano. So, close that I can't decide if my interest in one helped be the catalyst for the interest in the other. I do know that I totally knew what you meant about the "leaning." :Fans self: I keep trying to trick/train/(coughforcecough) my husband into that manuever. It's totally sensory overload smexy. Goodness.

I also keep trying to get my husband into a similar hair cut. lol.

Ahem, enough gushing on that mildly-guilty-pleasure topic.

This chapter was outstanding overall. I usually get all shifty when religion comes up in fanfic, even with Kurt, but you did it so well. So many people get caught up in preaching or semantics or parroting stereotypical mantras/etc., that they don't dig for the juicy nugget of goodness the situation and the characters present/offer in the moment. Heck, that's true outside of topic of religion, too often. But, you did it well. Congrats!

And update soon.

And don't you dare pull a SLH with taunts of a sequel that never comes. You best do it. Or else... Or else... Yeah, I got nothing.

10/26/2009 c17 Cybernetic Mango

10/26/2009 c17 Hawaiichick
Great chapter...full of drama, cute/funny scenes and emotional moment. Wonderful! I loved when Rouge teased Remy about his "baby" pictures, and how vain he is about his hair (cute!), the vulnerability of Remy when he was in the Medlab (and Logan's fatherly presence), and the spiritual moment with Remy and Kurt in the parking lot. And I loved that Logan, Pitor and Hank were a part of this chapter too.
10/25/2009 c17 Ladyhaemi
So, how addicted to your fic am I? I saw a rec for it from Chellerbelle, and hunted this down. I've never seen Evo, so it's not even in my comfort area... which just speaks to how well you've managed to sketch the characters and the ways they are/aren't like the Rogues and Remys in other universes. PLEASE continue. I read all 17 chapters in one sitting, and I'm not sure how long I can go without my next hit. I mean, chapter.
10/25/2009 c1 13AuthorColorCoated
So I have to be honest, I just found your story and read through the whole thing! I'm quite impressed and intrigued. I'm really excited for where it's going, even if it's undefined.

I can't even commend you enough for how your portraying Remy! I love the idea of getting to see him in a different light, besides all the debauchery ;-). Either way, you're doing a great way building up the character and the more we learn about him, the more I feel like it's spot on.

I'm excited for more.
10/25/2009 c1 3drdawnffl
Really enjoying this! Love the way you presented his history and tied it in with his present.
10/25/2009 c17 4Prince Gohan
Great Chapter. Remy's problem with church is completely understandable. I hope to read more soon.

until then,

Remy A.L
10/24/2009 c17 3Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
Okay, your review response for the last chapter made me so incredibly happy. I had this huge smile on my face that could not be wiped off after I read it. Thank you. You're so sweet! You rock! Now onto the review rant!

“That is long. I mean, you could put that in a ponytail if ya wanted. It’s like ‘Kurt Cobain’ long.”-Wow, what a great visual of Remy. I would love to run my fingers through that hair. *Drools*

In his last letter, Henri had decided to include a stack of photos for Rogue to peruse, all of which conveniently featured a certain demon-eyed brother of his.-What a cute older brother move to pull. This made me giggle.

“Oh my gosh, Rems, you were so freakin’ cute… look at that face!”-Means he's just bound to have freaken cute kids of his own. Yay!

“Does wittle Wemy not wike bein’ cawed a baby?”-Oh my gosh, Rogue doing baby talk is totally laugh worthy. Remy is so being teased to his full cute extent. Loving it!

“I just hope he paid you a pretty penny for that mushroom-cut.”-Wow, Rogue is just on a roll this chapter so far. You go girl!

“Oh my gosh, Remy. You are Jordan Catalano! I’m datin’ Jordan Catalano!”-Wow, that's so not something I'd expect to hear come out of Rogue's mouth! Am I in an alternative universe?

“Remy,” she said softly, her eyes locking onto his, “it’s true, ya know. You are beautiful.” She smiled lightly, placing her hand over his heart. “In every way possible.”-Aww, see, Rogue can use her words.

The kiss deepened and his fingers traveled lower, seemingly of their own accord, to slip beneath the waistband of her jeans towards her perfect little ass as she-

*BAMF*-Oh dammit Kurt! OF COURSE you would show your furry little self around. What a perfect overprotective brother move, and he wasn't even aware of it! He's good, very good...lol

“If I have ta suffer, yer sufferin’ with me.”-That sounds like a damn good reason for Remy to come along. It's as good a reason as any really. Haha.

“The whole thing is just so weird and pointless. What in the world would possess a teenage boy to contemplate living a life of celibacy all in the name of some Higher Power that doesn’t even exist?”-Uh oh, I can already see that this is gonna lead to something interesting.

“So, how can ya honestly say ya believe in God if ya clearly don’t give a damn about His rules?”-So very very true Rogue. Hypocrisy at it's best.

All the bad things that happened in his life, all the tragedy he had seen and the pain he had endured, he knew… it was his purgatory.-Wow, that an incredibly depressing thought.

His vision went black and all sound died out.-What the hell happened?

“I know,” he cut him off. “Just relax, okay kid? I’ll be right here.”-Aww, Logan's such a softie at heart. His actions toward Remy right now really warmed my heart. =]

“I was… I was really scared, Chérie.”-Seems to me that Remy's really learning how to use his words too. Guess that sessions with Prof. X are helping out.

While it was a relief to learn that what had happened the day before would be, most likely, an isolated incident, it did little to calm him down.-If he hasn't been sleeping, couldn't his incident be attributed to that?

Yeah, she was hot, but she wasn’t that hot.-Haha, that's funny!

‘He’ didn’t want him.-Uh oh, something snapped? That's not good. And this idea that he has running through his mind isn't helping matters either.

“I know vhat it’s like to go through life looking like zhe Devil. To have people look at you and think zhat you are evil. To feel evil.” He paused, looking Remy straight in the eyes. “Ve are zhe only ones at zhe Mansion who can understand zhat.”-See Remy! And with Remy it's just his eyes. And least he can hide that. It's a lot harder for Kurt to hide his appearance.

It was a start.-And the thing about Remy, is that it's always about the start. Because honestly I think once he gets past that initial hurdle, and he actually makes the effort to start something, he can finish it. I know he can.

This was a fantastic chapter. Really did enjoy reading it. Made me smile. Made me worry. Made me laugh. Lots of elements all filled within one chapter. How do you do it? =] Update soon.

10/24/2009 c17 2cartoonfire

Oh... Oh my... I need to sit down, I need to sit down.. Woo... Woo hoo... A sequel, I can't believe it... A sequel... A sequel... A SEQUEL! OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME, OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU AH, A SEQUEL YES YES YES! WOO HOO!

Alright, I think I'm calm now. Still a little jumpy, but I think I can finally start the reviewing process.

Ah hm, okay. Loved it!

I thought it was so cute how Rogue was teasing Remy about his hair.

I don't care what anyone says, Remy has the best hair. His hair is sexy! Usually I think when guys have long hair, like long 'long', like so long you have a ponytail, is gross, but on Remy it works.

I'm not sure who's the one with empathy here, Rogue or Remy. I mean, sure he got her to relax, but she got him to agree to go to church.

I feel so bad for Remy, having nightmares... But at the same time I'm sort of glad because he got to learn some more about what happened to him while with Essex.

Btw, loved the dialouge you had for Essex. Just by reading his lines you already know that dude is missing a few marbles.

Remy falling asleep at during breakfast reminds me of myself when I fall asleep after a meal. Happens all the time during my lunch period with my friends. I'll eat this big nice and tasty sandwich, put my head down, and bam! I fall out.

"Either the girl was part psychic, or she knew him too well" - Well, seeing as how she's absorbed him quite a few times I think it's a given that she knows him pretty well.

Omg! I got so scared when Remy blacked out on the stairs. Thank goodness he was okay.

Wow, Remy handled the med bay all by himself. I'm impressed that he was able to stand it. And without Rogue there to hold his hand... Wow.

Lol, I wouldn't want to be Ray right now.

AW! I thought it was so cute how Logan was there looking after Remy the entire time. I thought it was nice how Logan put a blanket over him and his hand on his forehead. I'm so glad Logan was there for him :) It's all just so very sweet. I actually think that was my favorite part in the chapter.

The second part was definitly with Rogue being by his side and how he was clinging to her.

You know, Kurt brings up a good point, one that I've failed to realize. They both have devilish traits. Remy's eyes and Kurt's tail. I can't believe I've never noticed how much the two have in common.

I like how in this chapter we had some Kurt/Remy interaction.

Awesome chappie, and thank you so much for the speedy updates. I, if not everyone, am not only grateful but also very happy :)
10/24/2009 c17 2Anna Marcia Gregorio
Awesome chapter. I love the way you have everyone interact with each other.

When Rogue went off to say that a God doesn't exist, i laughed when Remy jumped back and crossed him self. That whole dialogue afterwords was just the topping on the cake. Though I'm not Catholic, i found it great that Remy still believed, just in the wrong idea of the man.

I'm not even very religious, but i really enjoyed the end where you had Kurt come out and speak with Remy. It kinda backs up my own opinion (well, sorta.)

So huzza! for Remy not feeling so unworthy of any love.!

... and you mentioned a sequel? hm... any more hints to what exactly will happen besides Essex being a fanatical chemist coming back into the picture?

Anywhoo. Again, marvelous chapter! i look forward to the next ones!

Catch ya next chapter. :)
10/24/2009 c17 21XSuicuneX
Heh, I liked this one, kinda nice to have Kurt actually trying to help Remy for once. Too many of these stories have him being the whole antagonistical brother who's really overprotective of his sister. It's really refreshing to see the way you potray Remy.

Um...I have nothing else to say...hmm...I wanna read the sequel. And I want a cupcake...m...cupcake...
10/24/2009 c17 3tfobmv18
I love it. I soo can't wait to see what'll happen next. Keep up the good work.
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