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10/24/2009 c17 3starlight2twilight
Sometimes people are uncomfortable with reality, so don't stress your reviews or lack of from the last chapter. So just shrug it off. And if you want disturbing, I'll link ya this one writer. She scares me. :)

I never made the connection between Remy and Kurt. And I think you just started Remy's redemption.

I like your take on Essex, I'll confess: I always liked him. He's an interesting character. I mean, he has the potentional to be the baddest bad guy, and he's way more interested in securing genetic samples of Jean and Scott and their offspring. World domination? Puh-lease! Gimme my beakers!

And as a girl raised Catholic, I say you have managed to write guilt to the t. Seriously, you got it down.
10/24/2009 c17 10ishandahalf
yay for another chapter! and DOUBLE yay for you picking me as you reviewer quote of the week! i'd like to thank the academy... ;)

anyhoo, as usual, good stuff. sort of ironic that even though this chapter was about potentially-heavy topics like religion and such, i found it to be lighter in tone. i think rogue's gushing about remy's hair made me laugh, and that just carried me through the rest of the chapter. and oh, i've gotta give you gold stars for making fun of the mushroom cut! that was definitely cringe-worthy...

anyhoo. the point is, i'm eager to see what's next. i really don't want this to end... think you'll be making a sequel? i'm unsure on that, lol. ;)
10/24/2009 c17 22Heavenmetal
wow, great chapter. I love the fuzzy blue elf. Your characterization of Essex in this chapter are absolutely chilling.

One thing though, this sentence: "That was Pete for you, keeping out of the stoplight, but always waiting in the wings in case you needed him." I think you meant spotlight instead of stoplight given the theater metaphor.
10/24/2009 c17 2Fostersb
yeah, great chapter as usual and I am happy to see that Rogue and Remy were able to get a little kissing time in between the angst and drama. Hopefully soon they can have peaceful times and little more smooching:)
10/24/2009 c17 XenoKosMos
Gods, I love this story. It's so funny and angsyt and cute and oh, I love it so much! Keep the story rollin and I can't wait to see the finish and sequel!
10/24/2009 c17 DidGyre

So, when Remy collapsed on the stairs was he just so tired that his body would not go any more?

10/23/2009 c17 75Chellerbelle
Kurt the Amazing Teleporting Fish salutes you.

Ha! I love Rogue and Henri corresponding, and more importantly, Remy getting embarrassed by the photos, hehehe.

Kurt teleporting in on Rogue and Remy was awesome :D I also like the little chat Kurt and Remy had towards the end. Very sweet.

Great chapter as always!
10/21/2009 c16 25CurrentlyIncognito
Heh. sixteen chapters. Bloody long chapters at that. Do you realize how long it took me to finish all of them? In one READING? Oh my god. umm... sorry. that just my way of saying, 'thank you for the lovely story, it's very engrossing. I love it' Character develops nicely with twists to add. Interesting rants at the end of each chapter. heh hehe. XD update soon.
10/20/2009 c16 bibliophile
The story is great; original, interesting, dramatic, funny, and well written.

However, it is cruel to start such a lovely fic and then torture readers with the waiting. Please update soon :)
10/17/2009 c3 Midnight Angel of Old
Its realt good, but I had to get off when reading the third chapter.
10/14/2009 c16 2cartoonfire
Reviews are your candy. Lol.

Dude, I let out the biggest aw at the end of the chapter I freaked out my family.

Omg, lol! Remy did the whole jealous boyfriend thing? Dude, nice.

I liked the little petty fight they had, it was funny.

Remy stared at her in disbelief. “Y’ don’ like da show? Why da hell don’ y’ like da show?” - Oh Remy, you little chef you. (pinches his cheek)

“Yer right,” she said, a twinkle in her eye. “You are stupid.” - Rogue is so awesome. Not a lot of girls do that. My friend does, but she says that to every boy...

I loved how this chapter focused a lot on Remy and Belladonna.

He figured the majority of that had come from Logan, who had spent the better part of the movie perched at the edge of his seat, staring intensely at the screen with one lone tear trailing down his cheek, - Even though he had that lone tear, he still just seemed so damn manly about it!

Omg, the ending was just so sweet! He said "I love you". 3 times! AW!

Gosh, isn't it funny how two messed up people can fit together perfectly. Uusually you think the relationship would fail... But I'm so glad everything is working out for Rogue/Remy. I love them together!

Oh, I so totally get what you mean, sorta. I mean, usually I'm not a strong person, but diss Gambit and I turn into a monster.

Awesome chappie! ^_^

Ps: congrats on pasing 400 reviews! :)
10/12/2009 c16 Hawaiichick
Remy...what a witty guy he is. I absolutely love this sentence:

"Remy shook his head. 'Yeah, dat’s a great idea… an den maybe after dat Rogue an’ I can go shoppin’ f’ my bra.'"

Hilarious! Especially since he was saying this to the Professor.

Loved the little jealous scene with Remy spying on Rouge and Warren. His comment on Rouge's choice of clothing was another great one: "...she was the kind of girl who would accompany you to the country club for your mother’s luncheon, and then ride you in your father’s golf cart behind the 9th green afterward." ;)
10/11/2009 c16 2Anna Marcia Gregorio
You know, i originally thought that you started out with Remy with the X-men. It seemed that he was just always there to begin with. With this chapter, i can finally place him (and all the characters) and now i'm curious, how did he go about exaclty joining the x-men? and were Rogue and him friends since he showed up at the doorstep? I know He was inlove with Rogue (since he told Belle as he was leaving new Orleans he was) but did she (Rogue) know? i'd really like to read that, but no pressure! you take this as you want, because this is great! I love that Remy has childlike qualities. It makes him that kid you'd love when he was young, and the man you'd just tilt your head at in wonder and silent awe/amazement, if not a little exasperation. In all honestly, i love your remy. he's quite the character, with or without his history.

So continue on, and keep up the fabulous work. :)
10/11/2009 c15 narnia-aslan
its a good story i cant wait for more
10/11/2009 c16 3tfobmv18
I absolutely love it. I soo can't wait to see what'll happen next. Keep up the good work.
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