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1/8/2014 c22 3The muffin in question
I wanted to let you know that this story here is my favorite Romy story - now, that is not to say I've read only a few of the Romy stories out there. Nope, not the case. I've read quite a bit, ranging from the Xmen movies to the 80-90s cartoon, to the comic book fanfics, and, of course, xmen evo fics. I can always tell which stories are my favorites by when I want to reread them - that doesn't happen a whole lot with me.
I love your characterization of Remy, and even that of Rogue - actually, all of the characters shown. I love that, although Remy has gotten into his personal funks, the story never ever was about them whining or throwing their own personal pity party. I find that amazing - especially after how many fanfics I've read that are like that.
I don't know if I had ever reviewed on this story before, but I thought I should today. :)
so, thank you for writing such an awesome story.
10/18/2013 c10 1alesin123
Damn you're pleas for a review pushed my fingers to type! All I wanted to do was read a nice fic, coasting through as if I was never here,but noooooooo! That was just too much to a ask wasn't it?!WASNT IT?!

Love, love, love the story btw! ;]D
10/12/2013 c13 Roguereine
So sweet. Rogue and remy are meant to be together :)
8/31/2013 c22 8Pentastic
I liked your story. I felt it was a very human and realistic portrayal of how people with those kind of childhoods would be as (super-powered) adults. The relationship was real and working for them. I did not like the whole "lets sneak away and get married thing." Generally I am skeptical of marriage in general and people who marry young in particular but since this is fiction and I love romy, I choose to put aside my personal bias and believe they will work out. Good story!
8/31/2013 c3 Roguereine
Wait. Did kitty complain about almost seeing remy naked?! What's wring with her?
5/18/2013 c22 StefQ
That might be the best proposal ever. I don't know how many times I read that. Swooooooon!
9/11/2012 c22 5octopus woman
Okay I just had t review because after finishing this story I had literal tears of joy running down my cheeks! I love what you did with Remy's character and that lat chapter just rang soo true for his and Rogue's relationship. I mean after all we know that deep down Remy Lebeau is the biggest softie.
8/28/2012 c22 2ninjachick0228
I found this story a few months back. I never read it until now because it was hiding from me in my bookmarks bar. Now I've read it...and I must say. MY HEART IS NOW COMPLETE! I'm a go read the sequel and hope I'm not disappointed like those movies that look awesome but just end up a waste of movie popcorn.
12/31/2011 c22 5DaniCalifornia
Hey, I'd just like to say sorry for doing that thing were you read a story and review in the early chapters and then continue reading but get lazy with reviews. After re-reading this delightful tale again I'd like to tell you something I'm guessing you already know, that you're way out of Fanfiction.net's league.

Characterization, realism, and story structure are all wonderful. And to top it all off you actually publish chapters in a timely manner!

Please don't leave us, I'm so glad to have you here.
12/28/2011 c22 8Hope Hannigan
What a lovely, lovely story, dear.

I'm off to read what's next now.


12/26/2011 c4 Hope Hannigan

I'm French... Well not French from France but my mother tongue is French. The only word with the thing above the e is frère. I know you keep writing, if you ever need help with the French, PM me.

Also, sometimes you use "vous" with is either polite or plural form of you, and sometimes "tu", the strictly singular, casual form of you. When speaking to family or friends, you use "tu" and not the other form.

"petite" is feminine. "petit" is masculine.

I'm soooo hooked on this story! I love it to pieces. I'm so happy I followed Chellerbelle's advice to read you.

On to the next chapter!


Hopey (whose real name is Marie... Yes it is)
8/30/2011 c22 Kitty
Ummmm... okay. So I had a bit of a lull in my day, and decided to go back and read a few chapters of like, the best story ever written. And that's including Twilight. And then at the end, I see the word SEQUEL? I did NOT remember that the first go around.

Where the hell is my sequel woman? And don't give me that whole "Gee Kitty, I'm totally like, busy and everything with kids and laundry and stuff" line, because I'm totally not digging it. Don't even try it.

Okay, seriously, I understand that you're busy. I do. But get on it.

Also, out of perverse curiosity, you have to tell me who the mystery non-reviewers were whose names started with L and A. I simply MUST know.

I started talking like an old British lady, or like Cruella DeVille or something. I simply MUST dahling!

Okay, so the real point of this review, is to say, I want my damn sequel.

I'm offering my ghost writers services, if you should need any kick-in-the-butt help. You know who I'm talking about (Um, of COURSE you do.)

Also, You totally made me sound like a ditzy valley girl in this story. I do not sound like that. Don't even. I DON'T.

Okay, I do a little bit.

Shut up.

I'm going to stop reviewing now, I promise. I just wanted to give you your due praise. :D
7/18/2011 c22 7Vtll
I have just gotten back into x-men fanfiction after a loooong hiatus (4-5 years) and I was desperately swimming through the murky waters of teen-drama and mary sues that seem to abound in all X-Men Evolution fanfics. But finally, after much woe and toil and near desperation, I found a gem.

A hilarious, refreshing, enjoyable, story with a dynamic between Rouge and Remy that enthralled me. One issue I've had with both X-Men Cannon and X-Men Fanfiction is the needless dysfunction between two people who are old enough to know better and love each other too much to deserve the muck and mire that people put them through. And then, of course, there's the other side, which is all sunshine and daisies and leaves me rolling my eyes and abandoning sugar for the week.

You balanced out both. Remy and Rogue are people with issues, deep dark and painful issues, but they work through them. They trust each other, depend on each other and, most importantly, forgive each other. You made Remy REAL to me in a way that most author's haven't. Many of the issues he has and the way he dealt with them resonated as being "true-to-life."

You also balanced out Rogue's insecurities and strengths and made me LIKE the vulnerable girl beneath the tough mask. In particular, I remember the chapter where Rogue gives Gambit the ultimatum. Though I thought that was foolish and too fast, it made sense especially since Rogue is an insecure 18-19 year old, in her first relationship, with a boyfriend who she knew was a runner. You managed to make me think she was wrong without making me despise her for her behavior. That's a balance that few writers hit.

I have to admit that I am anxious to check out that sequel you've been promising. I've also made a list of those story recs you posted at the end of your chapters. The one thing that really gets me is that I hope Logan and Rouge talk out the eloping thing. While elopement is nice and "romantic" I think the newly wed couple forget sometimes that marriage isn't always just about them as much as it is for the Dad to hand off his daughter. I worry that Logan has been denied something that, really, I think he deserved; the right to give his daughter away.

Well, that's just about all, except for one thing: thank you for the way you handled the sexual content of this story. I am an old-fashioned moralist. A lot of Remy/Rogue stories rush through the emotional and mental to get to the physical - as if that's the point of a relationship; to have sex. Sadly, for many people out there, sex = love, and comes before love and is a requirement for love to exist. It's as if they're saying, if there's no sex, then Rogue and Remy do not truly love one another.

I think differently. I believe that sex is a physical manifestation and reward for the responsibility placed in a person by their partner. Love does not exist for sex, and sex is not a "requirement" for love.

Thank you for handling it as such. Like I said, I'm an old fashioned moralist Christian: I think sex after marriage is beautiful and the only way to do it :) It was a breath of fresh air to see sex after marriage, so, even if you didn't intend it to be: Thank You.

Sorry for the long review, and good job on your story.

God Bless,

6/21/2011 c22 8SilverKleptoFox
Bit too late to be a loyal reviewer for this story now, but whatever, eh? I like your style. Also, your immense recommendations for ther fics. It's so hard to fin good Remy writing when the authors don't post the greatest descriptions. Recommendations are trusted.

So yes, I'll be stalking you.

See ya soon!

6/16/2011 c22 kuro

To start off, I don't think anything I will write will adequately describe the pleasure I had from reading your fic, but you definitely deserve a massive ego boost anyways.

I love, love, love, love your fic. It's a fantassstic piece filled with drama, hope, and humour! Seriously, I stayed up two nights to read your material until 5 am in the morning because I seriously can't get enough. It's wonderful.

I hope you continue writing more, your wit is worth thousands of reviews!
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