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2/21/2009 c1 ColossusR
Nicely done. I think this is one of the best introspections of Evo Gambit as a older teen we've seen. I like the bit where he spends time in the library - esp seeing him put names to things he knows but only understands through thief jargon. Its a nice way to show he is very bright but still lack formal education which many people make out as stupid. I also loved the bit about learning to eat when he was taken in as child and his "relationship" issues with separation of love and lust. In many ways, I find this gives Remy a "heads up" as it were on other teens. Really most can't figure out that love and lust are not the same. Remy's just got to understand how to express it because he does know the difference. You've done a very good job setting up who Gambit is just as isolated as Rogue but for a different reason.
2/21/2009 c1 10ishandahalf
i really enjoyed this! an interesting way to look at remy, really - i think it's often forgotten that because of the way he grew up, he might indeed have trouble understanding 'normal' things. his various misunderstandings were simultaneously amusing and sad, which is quite the combination. makes me want to hug him, actually. ;)

anyhoo, good stuff. i actually hope you might continue this, i'd be really interested to see where it goes!
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