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5/4/2010 c22 AMP
I am such a terrible person. This, by far, could be a bestseller book, and I didn't ever review until now! I must say every once and awhile, I check in to see if you have the sequel posted, but hey, I'm patient...
...Sorry 'bout that. Heh. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that even though I never reviewed(And there is a good reason, I /swear/) you have a truly devoted fan, right here. *points at herself* You have ruined lots of fanfics for me because I compare them to yours and I'm like "No, not as good." SERIOUSLY! But I do like how you face not just Remy and Rouge's powers, but their inner issues as well. SO much better details. So until then...
(Seriously, not to be a nudge, but... sequel? Please?)
4/20/2010 c22 Liz
I fall in the wretched lurker who never writes a review (but really it's just because the next chapter button is calling my name so loud I can't help but click it instead of the sweet little review button) I have really loved this fic, it is so well written and the characters are different than I would have expected (I never would have imagined a crying Remy) but so dead on that it works perfectly.
4/19/2010 c22 Cimorgh loyal reader
What to say? I usually NEVER review, ever. But I just had to make an exception this time, because I simply love this story.

I have read it at least three times over, and I still can't get enough of it. I tried to find a favorite chapter, but that's impossible, sorry. Ah love 'em all.

...I'm almost ashamed I haven't reviewed a long time ago. But better late then never, right? x')
4/18/2010 c21 ALLREMS

i was in tears this whole chapter, litteraly
4/18/2010 c19 ALLREMS
haha I seriously thought it was gonna be another one of the dog jokes... even after you pointed out it was for real.
4/17/2010 c15 ALLREMS
Beautiful song. And yet another thing Remy is good at with his hands.
4/17/2010 c13 ALLREMS

Hey I thought it was pretty clever!
4/16/2010 c10 ALLREMS
Im so ashamed of myself -but... I just couldnt stop myself from laughing at Remys and Kittys reaction to the whole life comparison. I knew I shouldnt be smirking I knew that was not the way you probably intended to write it but I couldnt stop "Why da hell would we be friends?" "We weren't a softball team Chere!" and I lost all self restraint and burst into laughter when "What da hell are y' doin', Chaton?" "Like, taking notes!" "This is way better than the musical angle! A real-life comparison will, like, totally get us an 'A', don't you think, Kurt?"

Other favorite quote "Y' can come talk t' me now, Chére. I won' bite no more." - Hm Remy can bite me whenever he wants!

Oh and I'd bet anything Remy does have a tres belle voice.

The whole Jason thing was cute im still undesided on how I felt about him just giving up on being a mutant.

Wait before I leave I should give credit to logan for his share of crack up quotes "So you're tellin' me that takin' out six robotic ninjas, by yourself, using hand-to-hand combat, on your first day back from a stabbing is 'easier' than just blowing them up from twenty feet away?"

"Geez, kid, with all the crap you give me, I thought you'd be jumping at the chance to blow me up." "Let's see how long it takes for all my bits and pieces to come crawlin' back. It'll be like one of those zombie movies you and Stripes love so much."
4/16/2010 c9 ALLREMS
another great chapter... not sure what you meant about it being a filler cause i tought it was a complete chapter maybe it could of even been an ending- yeah it was just that good. The love, fear, confessions and overall realization that they needed each other was so romy. And his last and final plea for her not to leave him was even better than him actually saying he loved her. Cause really "I love you" is just thrown out there freely too much (well not for them) but anyway it got his love/feelings accross without actually having to say those 3 scary words.
4/16/2010 c22 12Jamie Hook
Whelp- I finally finished reading it. After way too many starts, restarts, stops, distractions, and moaning 'but Momma! I was reading fanfiction! Homework can wait!'

I ain't ashamed to say I cried a little bit at some parts and I'm kinda mad at you for being so good.I'm making faces now, I'm so mad. The sorta ones that make your friends question why they hang out with you. *That's* how mad I am, and *that's* how good you are.

Gr... Jealousy abounds! (And awe, but that one's taking a backseat right now to the raw FURY!) ((I'd also like to add that it's not actually 'fury' or 'blind rage' or 'Danny Bonaduce*' it's mostly just awe. I HAVE LEARNED MUCH FROM YOU, O MASTERFUL ONE!))

Well, I'm gonna stop blathering absolute nonsense that is in no way constructive and go do something productive. Maybe. Probably productive.

(*pardon my cultural references.)
4/16/2010 c8 ALLREMS
You had me in tears -

Remy definetly has more life's than a cat

I liked the different kind of relationship Logam and Remy seemed to have. It was still remy getting on logans nerves and logan being overly fatherly wanting him to stay away from rogue but w/ logans pov it showed his inner thinking of remy and the feelings of being able to relate to him and how unknowingly he had accepted him fully as part of the (pup) team.

heartfell, exciting, sad, joyus, great ch8 w/ deja vu rounding it all out nicely.
4/15/2010 c7 ALLREMS

It took guts for remy to completely let go into a drunken binge and to talk to wolverine like that, to admit to himself what he was feeling, to make it his goal to fight for rogue and finnally to admit so openly to rogue and witnesses his love, regret and willingness to fight for her love.

had to laugh that rogue walked over him to get to school i was kinda thinking maybe shed climb out the window or something but at any rate the whole ch was heartfelt.
4/15/2010 c6 ALLREMS
forgot to mention on the prior review that u totally had me going w/ the dog at the begginning but did have to laugh when i realized it was only a joke

oh and maybe at the time you were writing the review you had set a goal of about 20reviews per chapter but i noticed that you received roughly 30+per chapter. Congrats! but truly no surprise. oh and i love the lil promos you do for other fics too. you should charge for promoting them :) i took a break to read "Absolutely Maybe" and you were right it was amazing!

anyway back to ch6 - it was cute, thats not the way i remember or sing that song, but maybe its different in the south? and whats up w/ the line "You and me and the devil makes three" really how is that part of a baby song? oh ch6 i liked how the storm hit just as remy was riding into his own personall storm.
4/15/2010 c5 ALLREMS
darn - still no control for remy-

yes very fair groveling
4/13/2010 c4 ALLREMS
me again - just wondering if you started posting the sequel yet? - guess I can check myself but I wanted to "review" while being logged on so that I can find the story easier when I continue reading. Plus if you tell me the sequel is up i'll read faster :) just a lil fyi.
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