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4/26/2009 c2 12Interest Me
Just peachy.” ( LOL)

“I fail to see how the Prunus persica has anything to do with this.” ( SWEET, or as Booth would say, now she just sounds French. LOL)

“Don’t worry about me Booth. I can handle myself perfectly. I’ll be just peachy.” Go girl. (Gotta love what a quick learner she is! LOL)

“Damn it!” Booth cursed as his tampering of some switches and wires cause a loud, whining noise. It sounded like a shrill, broken whistle and it hurt his ears. He pulled apart the things that he’d been trying to connect but the sound continued. Booth growled in frustration. ( Great job involving our hearing and conveying Booth’s frustration! He has that strong need to fix everything, so this is great.)

Booth ferociously threw himself at the door time and time again, and when it wouldn’t budge he pulled out his gun and shot the handle, not caring about the possible ricochet. The Agent threw open the door and ran, gun arm outstretched. (Strong on the senses-loud whining noise, like a siren induces altertness, getting locked in where is his partner? My stomach is tense now.)

No answer. Booth ran to the place where the flashlight was on the ground, uncaring about the grisly sight of a decomposing and chained body being illuminated by the beam. He dropped to his knees beside Bones and ran his hands over her gently, unable to see clearly. The feel of something hot and thick on her left shoulder drowned him (Nightmare come true)

he felt that Bones’ blood still stained his hands with blame, shame that he had failed in protecting Poignant—nice!

He didn't know that the person who'd shot Bones had also given her a shot of something else. Something fatally dangerous. (What a cliff! Uncertainty, helplessness, gotta keep reading.)

where a man had reported a possible body. The man had been out with his dog when the unleashed animal had run into the warehouse and started barking furiously. He had gone inside and quickly run out when he’d smelled a strong, foul odor. He’d immediately called the police. (One thing-I think this scene would have been intense and excellent if it had played out in a Show don’t tell manner.)

Well, you’ve got me. Nice job!-I hope these reviews are okay and encouraging! Susan
4/26/2009 c1 Interest Me
Bones nodded, though not agreeing with the last part. “I’ll be fine Booth. Seriously. This injury is too insignificantly incapacitating to keep me from my work.”

Nice and in character! Also, the question she asked about how extensive her injuries were.-very IC

Tense start-I need to read more.

I am a bit distracted by the Point of View. Sometimes you are speaking from Booth's head, and sometimes from Bone's. But again, this is an excellent start!-Susan
4/13/2009 c6 3zoeee
wow reaally great story im looking forward to the next chapter !

theres not many stories that actually make the characters as in the show but i really think you do - in brilliant detail too .


p.s peachy keen - not to many it set a atmosphere :D

xx Zoe
4/9/2009 c6 1kimmiej77
update soon
4/9/2009 c6 jacklynvt11
That was really good. Very mysterious. I like it. Want more soon. :)
4/9/2009 c6 10bookwormlady
Can't wait for next chapter!
4/8/2009 c5 1Rilakuma
That's creepy. what will Booth do? MORE!
3/18/2009 c5 8BnBfanatic
Please update! I want to know what happens next. Thanks - very original plot!
3/6/2009 c5 1kimmiej77
wow update soon, super good
3/6/2009 c5 5car.car.135
alright, this story is getting my adrenaline pumping :)

awesome job
3/5/2009 c5 10bookwormlady

3/4/2009 c2 1Rilakuma
3/2/2009 c4 Toto24
Very cool and misteerious

please keep writing
3/2/2009 c4 10bookwormlady
Oh, what an evil cliffie! The writer in me applauds you, the reader wants an update! :-)
3/2/2009 c4 3AVikingandhisHeartbrokenQueen
Wow this fic is very intresting.

The bad guy kinda sounds like Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

Can't wait to read more!
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