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10/21/2012 c13 Guest
8/10/2011 c9 4Berry Smoothie
Must. Keep. Reading.

Very goodm story :) !
5/23/2010 c4 10OracleGoddessOfDelphi
2/10/2010 c16 PantherXI
Great story, loved Ducky's view at the end
12/16/2009 c1 Turtles in Bowties
My family plays WoW!Do not mock night elves...
12/6/2009 c16 Pia
Just got a chance to read your story and I love it. Everyone was in character and I could actually see everything playing out like an episode. Good Job, but now what? Do Tony and Ziva get married, what about Tim and Abby? I waiting to read more from you, keep up the good work.
10/4/2009 c1 2Kira-Hazel
Fantastic! But I do have one little issue...

If Tony as doing the David Attenborough voice then it's not an Australian accent, it's English. - David Attenborough(not sure of spelling) is not Australian (I am, though).

Apart from that, so fantastic!
9/14/2009 c16 ejn10175
Wow it sucks that Im just now reading the last chapter:(

It was a awesome ending and overall a great story!

I cant wait for you to start a new story :)
8/24/2009 c16 Viktorija
I liked this story very much.:))
8/23/2009 c16 6Stephanie-MS
Awesome chapters. Its me and yes im back after being out of the loop for 3 whole long weeks. But incase your wondering I had fun and only cryed twice and that was Visitors day. When my parents ended up 2 hours late and only getting to spend an hour and a half with them.

I got back Lunch Time (my time) Yesterday and I only had a limited amount of time on the computer sense I dont have a room at the moment so I am sleeping with my sister in her room and its not fun. OMG I wish I wasn't awake right now. Its 9:18am and as you can clearly tell im on Camp Time.
8/21/2009 c16 15SpecialAgentWho13
This was a great fic, nice job! :)
8/19/2009 c16 37ParisNeverEnded
J'adore est!

Like it,Love it, Adore it,!

I read the final chapter and then upon realising i forgot the beggining i read it all the way through!

Can't wait for anymore stories:)
8/17/2009 c16 cyn23
hey, thank you for a great story, i really like it
8/17/2009 c16 2forevermissingwonderland

Wonderful ending! I particularly liked Ducky's pleasure at having been right, and the head-slaps Gibbs gave out. Who am I kidding? I always love it when Gibbs head-slaps people!

Please keep writing (and I'd be happy to help with the song lyrics)!

8/16/2009 c16 sarah8902
Great story! I loved all the joking around in the chapter. With Ducky winning the office pool, throwing paper balls back and forth at each other, and Gibbs' comment to Tony about him taking so long. And I loved the part where Tony found out about Ziva getting to stay in D.C. and jumping on the desk shouting it out to the office, so funny. =) Perfect ending to this story!

Can't wait for your next story, and I might be able to help you out with lyrics.. depending on what types of music you would want. Let me know if I can do anything.
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