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for How to Be Relatively Stoic in the Face of Fate

1/8/2018 c2 rachel625
Love this story so much!
9/22/2011 c2 J.Stone
Another brilliant one.
5/4/2010 c2 14Katydid43
He fits... why yes, he most certainly does, doesn't he? Exceedingly enjoyable, even without the smut! Really well done, especially considering what you had to work with. I didn't so rushed at all. :-)
12/1/2009 c2 Smashmo
OMG Mags, does your talent never end! I must say that I absolutely adore this version of Luke and Lorelai. They are adorable and I love that they don't really care who sees them kissing. I know and understand the whole "one shot" thing but sometimes, oh sometimes I wish there would be more than one, or in this case two chapters to satiate my desperate need to know where this particular version of the story is headed! You are fabulous and you have once again made my day!
7/31/2009 c2 xcanncx
to cute
7/31/2009 c1 chels
3/22/2009 c2 cywen69
Wow, after reading Slip of the Tongue, you'd think I would have been all smutted out, but I kinda missed it. Don't get me wrong, I really loved the story. I kinda like Lorelai chasing after him. Babette and Patty's comentary is always priceless. I also loved how Lorelai made them kissing friends. I wondered how long it would take for Luke to crack. I really liked it. I guess after reading your other story, that'a all I have in my brain - LOL.

2/28/2009 c2 Liz86000
Loved it! *sigh dreamily*
2/26/2009 c2 penguinopus
Once again - another great story. Great ending - though I can't imagine the "real" Luke being that public before anything has really started. Gotta love Patty and Babette.
2/25/2009 c2 3Copop
Ah, I loved this story so much.

And no smut? Well, you have to learn to appreciate the ‘little’ things, too. And this was so sweet, the smut might have ruined it :)

I love Rory and Sookie as the ones talking sense into Lorelai. But she seemed to believe Sookie more, or she only realized when Sookie said the same things Rory already had pointed out.

Loved the kisses. Poor Luke, I can understand his confusion ;)

Thanks for writing another CWS story *hug*
2/24/2009 c2 17Loridhhp
Great story! I tried to review the first chapter when you posted it but the glitch prevented me for several days! This story was awesome! I was seriously drooling reading about Lorelai and Rory's experience at Friendly's! Ah the big beef burgers! The fribbles! I used to work at Friendly's some 20 some odd years ago and I scooped many a fribble and ginormous sundae! I used to love the fishamajig sandwiches! Yum! whenever I go back to visit the folks in N.Y., I always make a point of visiting Friendly's. There's one in my hometown. So you brought back such great memories. Yay! This story was just wonderful, as all of your stories are Mags. Keep up the great writing.
2/24/2009 c2 219Kristyn94
C-c-c- complete? Nuh uh! Noo! It has to go on forever!

My thoughts on this chapter:

1) About the whole peanut and butter jelly thing, I dun like jelly but I like Lorelai so Rory can be jelly and Lorelai can be apple butter. Of course apple butter doesn't go good with peanut butter.. Max can be rice because I dun like rice. Except spanish rice.. and beans. Lorelai and Luke should be rice and beans! In a tortilla. Coated in chile. Because they're delicious and I love them. So Max can be stuffing. 'Cause I hate stuffing.

2) It's taking me a minute to think of 2 'cause I'm still thinking about a burrito.

Oh yes, I love them kissing. They should do it all the time. They should also kiss more often. XD Get it, DO IT! Ahahaha.

3) I love how embarassed Luke got when rory and Lane walked by their flirting and such in public.

4) Your stories make me smile^^

5) If you expect me to have more than 4 thoughts, your nuts.

Well, can't wait for your next story or your next update to a story you already have.. I feel like the end of my reviews always need something...

Love, Chicky

(Much better.)
2/24/2009 c2 5Miguel51
Now that was... GOLDEN.

Well done!
2/22/2009 c1 3Copop
Oh boy, how happy I am about Luke’s last words.

Because, you know, that way Lorelai might realize that Luke wouldn’t be able to handle if she just saw him as a stand-in or something, and therefore lets him go right now. That would mean she understands it and isn’t hurrying in anything. Well, end of my musings here^^

And, Mags, never, ever, ever, say you’re stupid for accepting a story request. Well, technically, you didn’t know which episode you’d get, but I think you can manage just anything.

Till the next update :)
2/21/2009 c1 38Mimimoon
OMG You so have to update asap! This story is great!
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