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for Beckett & Sparrow: Vignettes

5/4/2015 c1 Guest
Marvelous, brilliant, beautiful, intriguing, satisfying curiosity, awesome... I sense terrible lack of words to describe how much impressed I am by your story. Even though there is some novel about their past, I think I will accept this as my headcanon because it is written amazingly. I enjoyed every part (even though compass is not stolen but given by Tia Dalma) and their thoughts and interactions. References (DW, Randall) are nice as well.
One more thing... If considering MBTI, Jack is mostly described as ENTP and Cutler as INTJ. It is also known that INTJs get on well with ENTJs and ENTPs. ;)
11/21/2009 c1 58Bundibird
Well done! this is fantastic! I'm really very impressed. i set out to find a "what mark did he leave on you" fic to sate my curiosity, and oh, i found one.

well done. this was brilliant. i agree with you - i think they'd've been friends at one point, and thats why beckett hates jack so much. and i like the way you described jacks "betrayal." i dont think anything he did would have been deliberate, and him taking over a month to rescue his best friend was perfect.

this was really tragic. the whole hate thing could have been avoided had jack put asside his 'must not show emotion' thing and been openly sorry for what happened to Cutler. had he been openly and loudly sorry then perhaps Beckett would have been able to forgive and let go.

the only thing i spotted as an error would be how you've described jack as getting the compass. in DMC Tia Dalma says "the compass you bartered from me. it cannot lead you to this?" however, i am prepared to accept this difference in light of the awesomeness of your story.

Well done.

6/12/2009 c1 Maribel
This is absolutely wonderfully thought out. I was wondering is there any relationship between Mr. Randelle and the bo'som? He was the one on The Dutchman who was first ordered to give the 5 lashings to Will Turner. Again, totally awsome!
4/23/2009 c1 26fight-thedead-fear-theliving
This is really good. I love how you interwove the movie with this so easily. It's very natural, believable, and I would love to see more like it.
3/9/2009 c1 4Rock-Nye
For the record, when I read Vignette 9, I pulled out the movie just so I could find the part where Beckett said "Damn". I never caught that before it was pointed out. =D

Anyhow. I like this explaination. The history between Beckett and Jack always intrigued me, since they clearly knew each other from the past, but it was never explained in the movies.

Kudos. =D

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