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2/11/2016 c1 13heredia
cloud is not taller - they are have similar build
9/16/2011 c1 28Leopardheart-Naux-Kadaj
*searches avidly for a like button*

8/9/2011 c1 9PhantomPanther
Short and sweet. I like it a lot. Got anymore like this? -phantom
4/20/2011 c1 28mikokatt
you should write more for this. it's really good.
1/17/2010 c1 2Reviewwiz
this was beautifull. this was also well written. Excllent.
3/30/2009 c1 17Kerttu
Aw! This is so sweet in that subtle way when life just gives the right words and actions in the right moment. Sweet!
2/24/2009 c1 2nuttychooky
Kadaj and Cloud? That's a new one. But then this is the first one I've looked at on this site.

Hehe. I like. .

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